No imaginary storm after an imaginary calm, a failed Houdini Act

    Fintiri, Binani
    Fintiri, Binani
    No imaginary storm after an imaginary calm, a failed Houdini Act

    By Babayola M. Toungo

    Aishatu Dahiru Binani, the All Progressives Congress (APC) gubernatorial candidate in the 2023 elections in Adamawa state, walked herself into the hall of infamy blind folded by a coterie of desperate and disparate politicians whose common interest is to stop governor Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri from getting a second term of office.

    She will forever be remembered as ‘that woman who tried to steal an election she knew she didn’t win’. A very sad epitaph for a woman once on her way to etching her name in the annals of Adamawa state political hall of fame. She was hoodwinked by the sophistry of conmen and transactional politicians whose stock is in the wane.


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    She is also a victim of her delusion and an overestimation of her political worth. The cyberspace has been inundated in the past week with “updates” from her cyber warriors on her ‘assured’ victory at the tribunal. Now that the tribunal has spoken, I hope the noise decibel may drop to a tolerable level, though I know we will be swamped with allegations of biasness on the part of the tribunal as is to be expected.

    Binani’s cyber bullies may also push her to appeal the judgement delivered by the tribunal and she may so acquiesce. Another round of abuse of court process will then begin and come to another disappointing outcome. The Fintiri haters will have their say on the cyberspace while the court will be guided by the facts presented before it. And Binani will be the loser – in political stature and financially. Sadly also, Binani is yet to realise that she is just a Trojan Horse to some vested interests and no more. She was goaded into believing that any judgement that is unfavourable to her may result into “the storm after the calm” as I read somewhere.

    The imaginary storm failed to materialise after the imaginary calm. You cannot build a case on straws and then expect the judges to rule in your favour; anything to the contrary should result into a storm. Anytime I come across an opinion from the Binani “intellectual wing”, I had the distinct feeling that crowd are living in an alternative planet.

    Going to the public while you are before the courts, says much about who you are and your lack of confidence in your case. Otherwise, we all know that commenting on matters before the courts is subjudice and may, under normal circumstances, attract a citation of contempt.

    All the underhanded tactics used by Binani came to nought as is expected. I just hope the bile it spewed will be washed away by the goodwill enjoyed by governor Fintiri across board and his style of governance. I also hope, for her sake, she will see the wolves surrounding her, who will not hesitate to devour her.

    The journey may have felt good for her while it lasted, but she was just a passenger. She played a script written and directed by shadowy forces beyond her comprehension; now that she is damaged material, no one would like to deal with her. Governor Fintiri specifically asked his aides not to celebrate or send him gifts for his birthday which came up just a day before the judgement and I salute him for that.

    I just hope he won’t reject this birthday gift presented to him by providence in the form of his victory at the tribunal. The cookie has finally crumbled and the imaginary storm after the imaginary calm has not materialised. The Houdini Act failed flat on its face. Couldn’t pull a rabbit out of the hat.

    Toungo, an aide to governor Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri writes from Yola.


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