A peep into president Tinubu’s unyielding economic policies

A peep into president Tinubu’s unyielding economic policies

By Idegu Ojonugwa Shadrach

It is a thing of great pain and sorrow that Nigerians are only good in making noises online. They don’t discharge the necessary things. Unfortunately, to as many that want to do, they don’t have true sponsorship from well-meaning Nigerians. This is why Nigeria remains a nation with intellectual mismanagement.

The worst, the government has turned away from poor masses. The other arms of government that could help the citizens have been cheaply bought due to loss of integrity and accountability – this has successfully turned the legislature into a desirable classroom and the judiciary, into a desirable timekeeper. What a huge loss in democracy. Yet, some of our intellectuals are busy on aimless and useless debates to as how the past governments have destroyed the nation’s economy – in a nation that nothing has happened to the natural resources; except the non-performance and purposeless of the political leaders. Basic qualities in leadership are not found in current government and all they immaturely do, is to keep classes of criticisms. Still in the middle of this; some are still buying an idea that the government is heading somewhere better. Literally, this is a total package of shame for our dear Nigeria.


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I am so downhearted due to the refusal of our leaders to do needful things they know. Everything is at their mercy to make happen. But, I can never trace why there have been downturned. Another troubling thing is wrong attachment of portfolios to insincere politicians on a course of compensation. Overlooking of immediate matters that can help grow economy, is another thing of fear. Above all, polishing failures as steps towards better Nigeria is what can definitely end the nation on time. It is on this, I am calling on president Tinubu to revert the mistakes so that Nigerians can see democratic workings, he has claimed of coming for.

Frantically, president Tinubu should know that, it is too irresponsible to ignore things that matter at the moment for these useless visits that hardly attract investors. Truthfully, who want to invest in a nation enveloped with insecurities and hardships? You must make your home sellable before possible promotions. Hence, you meet with fate of failures. Natures have nothing left to fear. Another serious issue I urge president Tinubu to urgently look at, is to place our unbiased intellectuals on economic reviews so they do to avert current hardships, and relatively to dismiss the corrupt and hypocritical intellectuals that may create inappropriate and undeserved economic policies.

Honestly, Nigeria is already a ridiculous nation. The rate in which the present government and some well-meaning Nigerians are cooking previous administrations as champions of Nigeria problems – it is a time to forget simple developments under this misruled government. Some elites blamed previous administrations so dearly for failures of delivering admirable governance. Now, I can’t see such. What is happening? Should I talk something on ethnicity and selfishness? No time for that. But, I must ask why those leaders or people who spearheaded protest actions against Jonathan’s administration are doing under this dubious administration. And for God sake, should Nigerians keep quiet in the middle of this chronic sufferings because those people are not talking? How I do wish Nigerians have retentive memories?

To see how deeply discredited the government is, Tinubu and his boys keep blaming same government that logically put them in power. This is one of the biggest shames as they are rubbishing their own political party; though, just as the political party is. Again, when former presidents were always blamed for unfortunate economic crisis in the country, all of us were singing that. But, now, some of the uncultured intellectuals are encouraging suffering masses to blame their state governors. Yes. That is good. But, it wouldn’t stop Nigerians from blaming president Tinubu for a misuse of oversight power on state of economy. Then, for the security matters, should Nigerians keep the blame away from the Commander-In-Chief of Armed Forces who holds power to use national security agencies? Nigerians shouldn’t blame the president that has turned political affairs into family affairs; Nigerians shouldn’t blame the government that is spending extravagantly amidst serious hardships; Nigerians shouldn’t blame a government that has used almost a year blaming past governments, and offering empty hopes on what Nigerians can’t see reasonable workings towards that; Nigerians shouldn’t blame the government that doesn’t want to take corrections, but with full of defensive mechanisms?

Nigerians don’t need this kind of defensive mechanism. Wisdom is needed to destabilize this mess and not a thing of displaying cleverness to fool others. In fact, how on earth can you compare Jonathan and Buhari administrations to Tinubu administration? The kind of words we need are not relatively what this administration trades. Having only eight months or so, and failures of past administrations shouldn’t be the great emphases. Just kindly channel ways for representative governance. That’s all Nigerians need at moment. Enough of the child plays. To all these messiness, only the citizens can help themselves out. Therefore, I call on the Tinubu to wake up to the above, and if these are not reviewed on time, Nigerians can do whatever they can do to avert these by theirselves.

Shadrach is a Nigerian Author, Activist and Journalist.


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