Stakeholders vow to mitigate child poverty by championing friendly policies

Stakeholders vow to mitigate child poverty by championing friendly policies

Participants during a two-day media dialogue on addressing child-poverty in Gombe State, have resolved to launch a rigorous advocacy on the need for child-friendly policies to be emplaced in Adamawa, Gombe and Bauchi States in order to achieve an egalitarian society.

The media dialogue was sponsored by UNICEF Bauchi field office as part of its contribution to ensure the securitization of the future of our children especially children from the three north eastern states.


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In the eleven point communique, the stakeholders including, policymakers and journalists drawn from the three states also commended UNICEF for its relentless pursuit to better the lives of women, children and other vulnerable and marginalized people.

They also commended the organization for the series of workshops, sensitization and dialogue sessions it has organized which served as veritable platforms for knowledge sharing and acquisition.

Read the communique below

Communique at the end of a two-day Media Dialogue on addressing Child Poverty in Bauchi, Gombe and Adamawa States facilitated by UNICEF Bauchi Field Office. 12th and 13th March, 2024
At Evolution Hotel, Gombe, Gombe State


The media plays a pivotal role in raising awareness about issues surrounding child poverty in Gombe, Adamawa, and Bauchi States. Through various medium such as investigative journalism, documentaries, and advocacy campaigns, media outlets have the power to shine a light on the root causes of child poverty and hold policymakers accountable for implementing effective solutions.

By amplifying the voices of marginalized communities and showcasing success stories of interventions, the media can catalyze positive change and mobilize public support for addressing child poverty.

Recognizing the significance of the media in addressing child poverty, UNICEF Bauchi Field Office (BFO) organized a Media Dialogue aimed at Addressing Child Poverty in Bauchi, Gombe, and Adamawa States. The event, scheduled from March 12th to 13th, brought together journalists from print, electronic, and online platforms to inform and empower them on issues affecting children in these states.

At the end of the 2-days dialogue, the participants resolved as follows:

1. The Team commends UNICEF for sustained engagement with the Media, an initiative that has provided opportunity for the media to have first-hand information required to continue and strengthen the advocacy for pro- children and women policies and programmes.

2. The Media Roundtable/Dialogue has noted with concern the growing poverty indices among Nigerian Children and therefore calls for strategic policy shift by governments at both States and National levels to improve the lives of children bedeviled by the poverty phenomenon.

3. The meeting calls for a seamless policy implementation across all tiers of governments to empower Nigerians against the present high cost of living which its devastating effects are unprecedented especially on the children and women.

4. Nigerian Social Safety Register should be cleaned up to ensure transparency and honesty are driving its implementation.

5. The meeting calls on heads of households and community stakeholders to support women and adolescent girls to access healthcare services for an improved quality reproductive, maternal and child health status in states.

6. Participants at the meeting have resolved to continue to advocate for child friendly policies as part of their contribution to achieving an egalitarian society using different platforms of communication.

7. The meeting calls on state governments to prioritize children’s wellbeing in budgeting and decision-making processes and policies as well as other issues that directly concerns them.

8. The meeting equally calls on state governments to assist small farmers with farming inputs at subsidized rates easily enough to address food insecurity and child poverty.

9. The meeting calls on states governments and stakeholders in the education sector to beef up monitoring system in education sector to enhance school safety for improved learning outcomes and safe environment for all.

10. The meeting calls on governments at all levels to empower women especially in conflict affected areas and rural communities to address child poverty and stimulate rapid development.

11. The meeting commends Gombe State as the host state for a conducive environment.

Ishola Michael Adeyemi
Nigerian Tribue, North-East Bureau -Chairman

Rebecca Caleb Maina
Gombe Media Corporaton.- Member

Mohammed Aisha
Radio Nigeria, Fombina FM , Yola. – Secretary


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