Abuja Fashion Maven, Alhassan Seeks Igala Support to Win Fashion Crib 3rd Edition

Abuja-based fashion maven and Founder of HabFashion Stitches, Alhassan Habibullah, has called on fellow Kogites, Igala, and Nigerians to vote for him in the upcoming Fashion Crib Africa 3rd edition slated to be held in Lagos.

In an interview with Urah TV recently, the fashion maven expressed confidence and determination, rallying support from his Kogites, Igala, and Nigerian community. He emphasized the pivotal role their votes will play in his success.

Habibullah humbly acknowledges his talents but asserts that his journey to victory hinges on the support of his followers, particularly those from the Igala tribe. He passionately urged Kogi East to cast their votes, assuring them that their contribution will significantly impact his performance in the competition.

“I’m not boasting about my talents,” states Habibullah, “but I firmly believe that I possess the necessary skills to excel in this competition. However, without your votes, my aspirations remain unrealized. Your votes are paramount.”

Reflecting on his journey thus far, Habibullah highlights his achievement of being selected as one of the 33 finalists out of a staggering 7,000 applicants. This recognition is a testament to his dedication and proficiency in the fashion industry.

As he prepares to showcase his creativity and flair on the esteemed platform of Fashion Crib Africa, he remains steadfast in his commitment to representing not only himself but also Igala with pride and distinction. With determination as his driving force and the unwavering support of his Igala brethren, he is poised to make waves in the world of fashion.

The Fashion Crib Africa competition serves as a melting pot of talent, innovation, and style, attracting participants from across the federation. For Habibullah, it represents an opportunity to showcase his unique aesthetic vision and leave an indelible mark on the fashion landscape.

In his plea to the Igala people, Habibullah underscores the significance of unity and solidarity, emphasizing that their collective support can propel him towards victory. With their votes, he believes he can emerge triumphant, bringing honor not only to himself but also to the Igala community.

As the countdown to the competition intensifies, Habibullah remains resolute in his pursuit of excellence. With his eyes firmly set on the prize, he is prepared to seize every opportunity to demonstrate his prowess and captivate the judges with his designs.

For Alhassan Habibullah, the Fashion Crib Africa competition represents more than just a chance to showcase his talent—it is a platform for him to inspire aspiring designers and leave a lasting legacy in the world of fashion. With Kogites rallying


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