Embracing Uniqueness

Joyous Agada.
Joyous Agada.
Embracing Uniqueness
By Joyous Agada

It is addressable that once uniquely-declined, every tendency to disrupt desires can be easily achieved. Nothing is prone to success than unique moves on every engagement. To this, making time to frustrate oneself because of meaningless comparisons or competitions, is a doing of ignorant people. Because, drawing experiences from all angles, no one has successfully made it through faking. Even if there is a record of a thing from faking, it can’t stand to be celebrated as a long-lasting legacy.

Uniqueness comes from little original display of characters and efforts. It gradually multiply with aids of natures, and it emerges outstandingly due to how it is rightly and carefully managed. Hence, anything without touches of originality fades away like a morning dew. Nothing take a position of uniqueness in the middle of all things as there are achieved with diligence, consistency and gratefulness.


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There is nothing achieved as a result of envy; there is nothing initiated with pride; and, there is nothing cultivated under influence of comparisons that has made good for oneself and a society at large. Acutely, trying to imitate someone – on inhumane grounds, always bring disasters having tremendous power to conquer the future of an individual. And to this, you hardly see an intelligent person to drop praises of his or her life for doings or achievements of others.

Just as we are born on different days, to different homes and different societies – is as our lives, missions and purposes of life. Additionally, just as our birthdays and death-days differ; similarly, our times of making things happen on earth is. It is a fact that, only when you live doing or trying to get to shoes of others by ingratitude, and for impressing others, that is when failures begin in life. I therefore stand to encourage us to honour uniqueness to make outstanding of life. Note again that, no one is ready to help where there is no definite definition of actions or activities. On a long run, accomplished individuals only help genuine people struggling to make things happen; because, having acquired knowledge, money and influence on earth – comes from original dedications – these are what are scrutinized before helping hands are extended. The worst happen that, if someone is being supported or promoted in areas he or she is not genuinely mastered, all supports and promotions await total package of collapse.

Paramountly, no one should envy others because of how they are created; no one should look down on others due to how they appear to be – rather, we should embrace ourselves for who we are, and to embrace others for who they are. No one is a creator of him or herself. Your creator who made you the way you are, is only responsible for how to make you sellable in a society as you make yourself available to Him with obedience, dedication and hard-work. Experience has taught us how uniqueness with contentment is a singular pill for gracious, glorious and prosperous life. In furtherance, to make this a song in our societies, little children need to be taught on this in order to gather courage to appreciate their uniqueness. Because, within school environment, you would see how certain sets of children never relate to others, whereas some are violent in nature. Pressing further, with careful observations, one of the foremost reasons some are violent – is relatively, a pointer to defending themselves as they feel inferior to their mates. It is therefore an essential thing for parents to install boldness in their kids and make them see their uniqueness right from childhood from the way they treat the children and the words they use on them; this goes a long way in making them to accept and embrace their uniqueness without allowing anyone talk down on them as they journey through life.

Exemplarily, a lady may say, “oh, how I desire to be fair in complexion, having long hair, speak in the British accent, tall and slender, curvy shape and maybe a good dancer and also a singer.” This could be a description of someone desiring what she doesn’t have while ignoring what she has because she sees no good in her uniqueness. With this, it is noted that, she has forgotten we all are uniquely created and the best way to embrace life, is embracing your uniqueness and being bold and proud of it. So, you really don’t have to possess what you see in someone before you can be important in the society or in your environment. Therefore, knowing that you are unique just the way you are, will help in building your self-esteem which will give you control in your sphere of influence.

A lot of people facing different challenges on street today suffer endlessly because of how they have misled themselves on a course of subscribing to lifestyles of others in quest to make name and value for what they were not originally created for. They forget to know that natures have no mercies for the disobedience people; they forget to acknowledge works of natures in their lives; they forget to acknowledge that our Creator is perfect in His makings – in the negligence, there wouldn’t be good settlement until they correct these mistakes. So, the best thing to do in life is to find the uniqueness in you and work on it to become a household thing. With that, everything goes well and easily. Because, it is so pitiful to die struggling to become someone else. Hence, if you die while trying to do originally, your works would be cherished, continued, promoted and supported by your admirers. And you should know that natures command people to love unique things intentionally and unintentionally.

Agada is a Writer, Teacher and Actress.


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