EU (RoLAC II) moves to strengthen service delivery in Adamawa

EU (RoLAC II) moves to strengthen service delivery in Adamawa

The office of the Head of Service with support from the I-IDEA Rule of Law and Anti-corruption programme has unveiled Adamawa State Service delivery initiative for implementation in the State.

The initiative was unveiled In order to enhance good governance, optimal service delivery and reduce the incidences of corrupt practices in the State.

The unveiling of the Initiative followed a four day round table and strategic meetings with key stakeholders including the head of service, permanent secretaries and service providers in all the state Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs).


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Shedding light on the four day activities vis a vis the successes recorded, Dr. Emmanuel Uche, the anti corruption manager for the European Rule of Law and Anti curroption project noted that Adamawa people should expect better service delivery in the next couple of months to come.

He noted that the key takeaways from the four day activity which kick started from Monday and ended on Thursday 28 March 2024 include, “the review of the implementation of the Adamawa State Anti curroption Strategy (ADSACS), sensitization of all the stakeholders that will be involved in the service delivery initiative, bringing together all implementing units of MDAs on board and most importantly, the assurances and cooperation the project got from the State through the head of service to the effect that they will productively drive the initiative.

“We just rose up from a meeting with permanent secretaries to also bring them on board on their roles and expectations on this initiative. We also brought together the ADSACS implementing units in all the MDAs and brought them on board on the initiative. We got the full commitment of the head of service and ADSACS secretariat to drive the initiative. That is a basket of achievements within four days,” he said.

He noted that in few months to come, Adamawa people should expect changes and reforms in the way and manner government businesses are conducted

“In the next couple of months Adamawa people will see drastic changes in the ways government business are done. With the ADSACS, in place critical initiatives and mechanism that will improve service delivery for the people of Adamawa State will be emplaced,” he said.

“What can the people of Adamawa expect? They can expect that over the next couple of months systems will be put in place that will increase monitoring and oversight for key public services like education, health, transportation etc and you will agree with me that when monitoring and oversight is improved, and people are more transparent and more committed in the delivery of their services, the people of the state will enjoy improved public services,” he added.

Uche noted that apart from the ADSACS, new units in all the ministries and departments that will oversee the implementation of that initiative have been established by the head of service in all the departments and ministries in the state, adding that those units in the MDAs will be reporting periodically to the head of service so that he could be abreast with the progress of the initiative.

The head of Service Isa Ardo, during a high level meeting with the team on the initiative expressed appreciation for the support from European Union funded RoLAC II and assured the programme that the State will do all it can in curbing corruption and to increase citizen participation in the fight against Corruption.

During the four days event more than 30 MDAs had an interface with the programme.


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