The Positive transformation taking place at FMC B/Kudu despite the machinations of retrogressive elements

Dr. Adamu Abdullahi Atterwahmie.
Dr. Adamu Abdullahi Atterwahmie.
The Positive transformation taking place at FMC B/Kudu despite the machinations of retrogressive elements


As a bonafide indigene of Birnin Kudu of full age and capacity and who is eminently qualified to air his views on national issues, I have been following with keen interest the plethora of ongoing positive transformations that are presently taking place at the Federal Medical Center Birnin Kudu under the dutiful, credible leadership of Dr Adamu Abdullahi Atterwahmie who despite all odds took the Bull by the Horn in ensuring that the facility depicts and assume its supposedly befitting status as tertiary Health center.

To his credit, Dr. ATTERWAHMIE as he is fondly call has within a short stint as medical Director of the facility spearheaded the introduction of numerous reforms which cut across the different sections and departments in the center, much as the serene environment symbolises a typical cosmopolitan status of a befitting world class medical facility much as the initiative has kept on generating complimentary comments and prayers of hope goodwill and a prosperous future for the facility.

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My recent visit to the medical center has shine my eyes with so many adorable initiatives in and around the facility especially the beautification of the Northern Gate of the hospital and the vicinity of the Managing director’s office which looks like a typical parking lot of an ultra modern city state as obtained in the developed climes. I had authoritatively learnt that out of his desire to make the hospital look modern, the Managing Director has procured a reasonable number of new modern patients beds which can be manipulated to the need of the medical condition of a particular patient at a particular point in time .

Mr. Atterwahmie, has recently renovated the entire existing infrastructure in the Hospital and install so many facilities across board that would aid health care service delivery in the facility as he introduced so many patients friendly policies which make the facility the first among its equals in terms of health care services and the delivery of affordable services to all those who patronised the center.

I’m not saying that the Medical Director is an angel but he proved to be an extraordinary person in terms of performance and as human being and who is fallible may do good to many and by commission or omission wronged others, but no matter how he deserved our prayers, good hope and encouragement to enable him to continue to deliver such services that are of immense benefits to the generality of the people.

Adamu Abdullah Atterwahmie was not appointed as the managing Director to be doing the bidding of retrogressive elements, but to serve the people of Nigeria devoid of geographical, cultural, religious or ethnic considerations. The MD has undoubtedly proved his mettle expertise and the ability to deliver the deliverables as he has been the firm belief and conviction of using the available when the desirable is not available.

We are not unaware of how some of his predecessors attempted deliberately to kill the hospital by their ineptitude, unpatriotic zeal and kleptocratic misgovernance. During such ugly time, the center had become a ghost of its former self as everywhere was dirty and some of the few projects they introduced were never near being completed. We would not forget easily the dark days in the center when nepotism, favouritism and sectionalism were the very basis through which staffs were being employed unlike now when competency, capability, capacity and meritorious factors were being considered as the yard stick for employment not based on bootlicking, bootlicking and praise singing which further turned the hospital to a ghost of its former self.

Let me offer nothing but a candid advice to us the good people of the host community especially those of us from Birnin Kudu and other neighbouring communities and by extension the generality of Nigerians that we should always be fair, objective and just in our analysis or passing comments on issues regarding the FMC in question, because we have never had it so good until when the present Medical Director was appointed. They said the city of Rome in Italy wasn’t built in a day and little by little I strongly believe that a needle can dig a hole.

Frankly speaking I should say to you, these faceless, useless and hopeless petition writers that you have missed the road as unnecessary bickering, blackmail and share sadism would not in anyway stop the will of God and such shenanigans of yours would further oil and grease our elbows to continue to support the goodies being executed in the center. Those of us in this school of thought are in millions as we have since distanced ourselves from this your glaring propaganda predicated on hopelessness, hate and envy for the simple fact that, your predatory economic interest was not paying under Dr. ATTERWAHMIE administration.

Unfortunately, in spite of the unprecedented efforts he has been putting in trying to salvage the center from its hitherto comatose status, some few disgruntled faceless and misguided charlatans were spreading unfounded and baseless rumours regarding the center motivated by greed, avarice and pool him down syndrome. But no amount t of threat or blackmail would detract the attention of the management of the center from discharging its constitutional and the statutory responsibilities.

His effort to establish a befitting permanent site for the hospital has undoubtedly deserve commendation as he happened to be the only. Medical Director who fought tooth and nails to see to the establishment of a befitting permanent site for the facility. This singular effort would forever be remembered in the next decades. He has employed hundreds of staff without prejudice much as the rate of redundancy has drastically reduced.

I’m pretty sure that Dr. ATTERWAHMIE’s doors are wide open for clarifications, verifications and useful discussions, engagements and constructive observations that are not based on hate, envy, sadism and anachronistic tendencies sponsored and championed hy the faceless, hopeless and tactless retrogressive cabals.

AWWAL Bsc Hons, MIAD, PGDPA, PGDE, Dip mass com, Cert public speaking writes from Birnin Kudu.


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