Süreyya Honoured For Local Initiative In Nigeria

At the Global Leadership & Entrepreneurship Summit held in Rivers State, Port Harcourt, Süreyya Umran Alınak, President of the Anatolia Women Farmers Association and CEO of Turquaz Group, was honored with the corporate leadership award for her remarkable contributions to entrepreneurship and cultural exchange between Türkiye and Nigeria.

Süreyya’s enduring commitment to fostering sustainable development in the region was recognized during the ceremony.

In her speech, Süreyya highlighted the importance of building bridges and shaping a brighter future for Türkiye and Nigeria. Over the past decade, Turquaz Group has been actively engaged in various initiatives aimed at strengthening bilateral relations between the two nations.

Turquaz Group’s focus on medical assistance, Christian pilgrimage to Türkiye, capacity-building programs, medical supplies, and agricultural training programs has been instrumental in fostering collaboration and mutual understanding. Through these initiatives, Turquaz Group aims to develop and disseminate medical, agricultural, and aquaculture training programs and capacity-building studies all over Nigeria.

Additionally, Turkish Healthcare, under the leadership of Ms. Sureyya Omran, will organize an “incentive medicine care training course” in Abuja between 5-7 June 2024. This initiative underscores Turquaz Group’s commitment to promoting healthcare excellence and capacity building in Nigeria.

Furthermore, in recognition of her outstanding efforts, the Anadolu Women Farmers Association announced a gift of a three-day free online aquaculture entrepreneurship training program for the youth of Rivers State. This initiative aims to effectively utilize the natural resources of Rivers State and create new job opportunities for its youth.

Süreyya expressed her vision for the future, stating, “We foresee that the bridge between Turkey and Nigeria, which we have always worked to build, will rise more solidly.” Turquaz Group remains dedicated to collaboration, empowerment, and economic growth, inviting stakeholders to join in shaping a brighter future for Türkiye and Nigeria.


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