Allegations of forgery against Kassah Shalom: A mere storm in a tea cup

Aminu Gambo Guyuk.
Aminu Gambo Guyuk.
Allegations of forgery against Kassah Shalom: A mere storm in a tea cup

By Aminu Gambo Guyuk

I read with consternation the litany of super-hyped fabrications, falsehoods, libelous and baseless allegations of certificate forgery against the PDP candidate of Guyuk local government, Shallom D. Kassah an astute and renowned officer of the law cum politician by a faceless writer.

As expected of any hatchet job, the contentious piece lacked substance, value and material evidence which in the estimation of discerning citizens amounted to a mere storm in a tea cup.


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The fictitious piece of trash is surely the handiwork of enemies of Guyuk local government who at all cost want to derail the ambition of our amiable former chairman from staging a comeback for the fear that he will totally eclipse their political fortunes and render them mere political eunuchs in a territory they thought they had conquered.

The enemies feel the only way they could achieve their odious and nefarious goals against the good people of Guyuk is to wage a debilitating media propaganda against the person of Shallom through blackmail, character assassination, and spreading malicious lies against the former chairman in order to cripple his rising popularity warts and all, since he has become a stumbling block to their egregious, vaunting and self serving ambitions.

But I’m sorry to tell them that their desperation will come to naught because Shallom’s ambition is archetypal to a moving train that can not be stopped by wishful thinking, blackmail or by merely creating storm in a teacup because his candidature emanated from a popular demand for good governance by the people of Guyuk who unconditionally yearned, supported and endorsed his candidature as their next chairman to continue to serve them with equity, panache and excellence as he did before.

It is therefore, trite for some idle mischief makers to think that they can thwart what God and the good people of Guyuk have endorsed through malice, half truths and lies.

When I read the libelous article at first, I dismissed it with the wave of the hand because of the belief that no matter how falsehood is nurtured, it remains falsehood and cannot triumph over the truth. But later, the need to put up this article became compelling to me after my investigations and facts led me to understand that the said article was authored by a ‘ghost’ ostensibly wearing the toga of Abel A. Musa on behalf of home base Association Guyuk LGA.

My checks made me to confirm that the author did a hatchet job and for his hatchet job to gain some traction and mileage, he must link it to a group with unimpeachable integrity, hence the use of Home Based Association, Guyuk local government as cover. I had contacted the group members but they vehemently repudiated anything to do with such vexatious article meant as a tool of blackmail.

That is why in my avowed effort to set the records straight and to disabuse the good people of Guyuk who might have been misled by this sordid article, I decided to pen down this piece and call the bluff of this blackmailer-in-chief. I also found it expedient to set the record straight because it is said a lie often repeated many times may be misconstrued as the truth if not repudiated and the fact that if not cleared, this lie may haunt our amiable incoming chairman even when in office.

Our candidate has served Adamawa State meritoriously in the temple of justice where he rose to the position of magistrate before retirement. After his excellent, meritorious and dedicated service to Adamawa State, the people of Guyuk refused to allow him to rest as they pulled him out of retirement and pushed him into politics. The people of Guyuk who were earnestly looking for good governance, unconditionally elected him as the chairman of Guyuk local government.

How anyone even in his wildest dream fathom that a man who attain all these feats in life could do that with a forged certificate really needs his head to be examined because his actions are pointers to the fact that he may be innately suffering from mental challenges.

The fact that these failed politicians were given the same opportunity but failed woefully to serve the people is one of the reasons behind the smear campaign knowing that if given the opportunity to serve again, Kassah will finally intern them politically.

It is on record that Kassah has played pivotal roles in building the fragile peace, and restored unity and development amongst warring ethnic groups in Guyuk culminating in the stoppage of the internecine conflict between Waja and Lunguda people which has raged for decades.

This exemplary and stellar achievement is repugnant to the conflict entrepreneurs of our land who are benefitting from the spoils of war from the two sides, therefore the ambition of Kassah must be derailed at all cost.

In the same vein, Kassah has accorded the traditional institution it’s deserved respect and has spent huge sums in repositioning the institution which is the bastion of the peoples sanctity for peace and unity to prevail. He has also rebuilt a number of places and abodes of traditional rulers when he held away as chairman.

He also rejuvenated the township square which has over the years being in a sorry state as well as buying official vehicles for members of legislative and executive arms amongst many landmark achievements he recorded.

His gangling achievements has been a major source of anxiety and tension for the enemies of progress who pushed some youths to protest against him recently. When that option failed, they now resorted to the campaign of calumny thinking it is the only option left to them to debar our amiable chairman from achieving his ambition of serving Guyuk people with excellence once more. But like the previous attempt this one has also failed like a badly arranged pack of cards.

Guyuk writes from Yola.


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