LCCN Convention: Namdas appreciates religious leaders for Nigeria’s unity

Hon. Abdulrazak Namdas, the member representing Ganye, Jada, Toungo, and Mayo-Belwa federal constituency has said that Nigeria’s security challenges cannot be solved with guns alone, but with prayers and support of religious leaders.

Namdas who is the chairman of the House of Representatives committee on the army made this known while addressing the gathering of thousands of Christian faithful at the LCCN convention ground in Demsa local government of Adamawa state on Friday.

He said that the fervent prayers of the clergymen and their continued support and encouragement are some of the key things that have kept this nation as a united entity.

“Mr. President, I want to tell you that I’m the chairman of the House of Representative committee on the army. I am aware of the security challenges we are facing in this country. The army and security men are doing their own, but I want to tell you that the prayers of religious leaders are some of the things that have kept this nation in peace. We can not solve the problem of insecurity with guns alone, we can only achieve that with your support and prayers,” Namdas said.

He also called on religious leaders to continuously pray for peaceful coexistence among all citizens. according to him, “you should pray for our leaders because any bad decision taken by a leader can affect all of us.”

The lawmaker who is serving his second term in office and also aspiring to run for the office of the governor of Adamawa state said he has created programs that have positive impacts on women and youths and assured that if given the mandate, women and youths development will take center stage in his programs. “We will not abandon our mothers and the youths. I assure you that if we are given the opportunity, we will not live them out, we will ensure that they are well supported and empowered.”

He pleaded with clergymen to encourage people to join politics. “Mr. President, I want to plead with you that religious leaders should not abandon politics, everybody should be in politics. If you don’t participate in politics, people will continue to elect leaders that will not bring development to us. We should all be in politics,” Namdas said.

President of the Lutheran Church worldwide who doubles as the Bishop of the Lutheran Federation of Nigeria, Arch Bishop Musa Panti Filibus who earlier introduced Namdas to the gathering appreciated the lawmaker for gracing the annual convention.

“We are grateful that you have come to grace this occasion and also bring words of assurances and encouragement. I want to assure you that we are always praying for the peace of this nation,” the archbishop said.

Archbishop Panti said he is worried that young men and women who have sacrificed their time and energy to protect the territorial integrity of the nation have become the primary target of terrorists, especially in the northeast. He charged the lawmaker to use his office and ensure that the army is protected and fully equipped to bring an end to the lingering challenge. “It gives me concern when I hear or see stories of how our soldiers that are supposed to protect this country are being killed by terrorists. Those who left their families to protect us have become the primary target and are being killed.

“I want to plead with you as the chairman of the House of Representatives committee on the army, you should do things that will bring an end to this lingering security problem. I am sure that with the help of God this security challenge is not beyond us as a nation.”

The clergymen prayed for the lawmaker and assured him of their continuous support and prayers.

Earlier, Hon. Namdas inspected the guards of honour mounted by the members of the Boys Brigade Nigeria at the entrance to the convention ground.

The 2022 LCCN convention is the 97th since its inception in 1925. The convention did not hold. because of the coronavirus pandemic that has ravaged the global economy and placed restrictions on the movements of people and gatherings.


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