Monarchy in Maiha: Youths cry injustice, in consultations to register peace protest before Adamawa Gov

Why approving the appointment of Pakka district head while unduly denying Jalingo-Maiha when both are under the same local government? What politics! What sentiment!

We’re aware that our elected and appointed politicians, stakeholders and friends of Maiha have on several occasions requested the state governor to do the needful; to honour courts judgments; approve the appointment of our district head

The Periscope Reporter

The youths in Jalingo-Maiha have cried injustice associated with the undue executive delay in honouring courts orders to approve the appointment of their district head close to four years after the high court judgment and more than one year six months with the determination of the appeal court.

Recall that the concerned youths group had over a year ago, planned to stage a peaceful march around Maiha local government headquarters, in protest against the undue executive delay, perceived as intended to deny the legitimacy of the district head of Jalingo-Maiha, insinuated to be influenced by ethnoreligious sentiments, based on the interference of certain political manipulators the group conceived, who are not in anyway connected to either the monarchy or Jalingo-Maiha as a district and in fact, the group earlier observed, some are not even in anyway close to being indigenous people of Maiha local government.

The youths were by NCDC protocols occasioned by COVID-19 and security considerations, advised to shelve the peace protest lest it is hijacked by the would be unpatriotic sponsored antagonists to monarchical legitimacy, bent on reducing the district to the state of anarchy.

The youths group joined by elders, enjoined to strengthen, not to injure peace enjoyed in Jalingo-Maiha for over a century, resolved to submit their grievances to Allah SWT by means of Qunut supplications observed throughout the blessed month of Ramadhan.

It would appear that the Most Merciful has showered and is showering His mercies; shamed the mercenaries and unpatriotic sponsors bent on distorting the aristocratic order.

Nothing short of the courts oders would be applied in the interpretation of the governor’s action and the meaning of the executive inaction as it relates to the monarchy in Jalingo-Maiha.

Suggested at the meeting was the continued Qunut supplications as a fundamental activity in the blessed month of Ramadhan beginning in April this year. The intention is simple; the conspiracy and conspirators delaying the approval of appointment of the district head of Jalingo-Maiha should go down – pass through the famished, humiliating, suffocating frustrating life bereft of contentment, consumed by never to recover unbearable failures in life.

Meanwhile, the youths, following the recent development considered as subjective selective sentiment – theoretically interpreted as uncollected unconscious bias, given as reason for the executive approval of the appointment of the new district head of Pakka within a year after death and the continued refusal on the side of the governor to honour courts orders as it relates to the legitimacy of the monarchy in Jalingo-Maiha close to four years after courts judgment – both districts of which are under Maiha local government area with Jalingo-Maiha monarchy as an Emirate; religiously based, traced to Bn fodio, rather than simply a traditional institution, have instead of the earlier planned protest march, dicided to register their grievances before the state governor at Dougirei hill.

They are currently on fact findings ; seeking audiences, consulting elders and stakeholders, gathering information and statistics, raising funds from among themselves for the journey to Dougirei Hill to forward their agitation for the state governor.

# The governor during the 2019 electioneering campaign at Mbilla – the last he was seen visited Maiha local government area – he was heard to have promised that he would honour court order without undue delay in approving the appointment of the district head of Jalingo-Maiha if received God’s favour to be elected governor. God has eventually showered His favour. However, the governor is now about rounding up his tenure with yet unaccomplished promise, Why?

# The governor enjoyed encomiums across the state when at the inaugural executive council meeting after the swearing in, he queried the past governor for injustice associated with the refusal to approve the appointment of the court declared district head of Jalingo-Maiha. He instantly directed for the implementation of the court orders.

However, by the manipulation of fate, the governor was said to have been advised by the ‘learned extraordinaire’ and politicians in opposition to the monarchy around him, manipulating the interpretation of judgment that it would be brilliant to have the executive approval of the appointment of district head suspended, pending the determination of the appeal court even though the high court judgment was without stay of execution. Was and is it truly a brilliant idea?

# Now it’s more than one year and six months with the appeal court determination that upheld the high court judgment. There’s also no further dissatisfaction that would have warranted challenging the court of appeal’s judgements before the supreme court. What happened? What other interpretation halting the executive implementation of judgments?

Is Pakka district any different from Jalingo-Maiha district to have warranted favour and executive consideration denied the latter?


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