Group congratulates LCCN over 170HA of land, urges Fintiri to allocate same for Islamic university

The Muslim right group has congratulated the Lutheran Church of Christ in Nigeria, LCCN, over 170 hectares of land recently approved to them by the Adamawa state government for the purpose of building a university. LCCN is the major Lutheran denomination in Nigeria, a member of the Lutheran World Federation.

Having gathered opinions and positions of the Muslims, including some members of the Muslim Council in the 21 local government areas of the state, the Muslim right group, said she is left with the option to request governor Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri of Adamawa to maintain fairness and justice to the adherents of both faith, by allocating the same size of land to Muslims for the purpose of building a university.

According to Nuruddeen Ismail, Adamawa state is considered multireligious with Islam and Christianity seeming dominants, hence whatever in policy and political terms is approved for one, should be enjoyed by other: “that’s why the Christians pilgrimage to Jerusalem was later introduced as a balance to the Islamic 5th pillar referred to as Hajj (pilgrimage to Makkah, an obligation to every able Muslim); That’s why lands are later allocated in schools, workplaces and even the government house for the purpose of building churches to make even with the mosques; in the tertiary institutions for instance, lecture theaters are even for the most part, reduced to worship centers on Sundays; that’s why when a governor is a Christian his deputy is a Muslim. Conversely, a Muslim governor has Christian as a deputy.

“The spirit behind it is that when invited, the governor as a Muslim will comfortably be represented in Christian events by his deputy who is a Christian and or vice versa.

Recall that former governor Bala James Ngilari, a Christian, has allocated land to adherents of both religions for the purposes of building their secretariats”.

Contributing, Sani Idris said that Adamawa state has more Islamic schools than those established by adherents of other faith. “It suffices therefore, for the Muslims to also be allocated land to build a university in Adamawa state.

According to Yunusa Mohammed, “in terms of politics, the Muslims in Adamawa have the numerical strength for every consideration to warrant a land, equivalent to that allocated to LCCN for the purpose of building a university; the bottom line is justice and fair play”.


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