RE: Let’s be focused on delivering Obi/Datti, no campaign fund was misused – Shanti


The attention of a Labour Party chieftain, Hon. Shanti Sashi has been drawn to a malicious and mischievous publication circulating in the media peddled by one Joseph Enan Maigari, over claims that Selected group and some notable members of the Labour Party campaign council, have collected and diverted some said amount of money to the tune of about N70 million.

The said claim is false, mischievous and also misleading. I believe the author of this opinion is one of the paid agents sent to distract Obidients in Adamawa from the success and gains made in pushing forward the Obi/Datti agenda that has gained wide acceptance among our people despite their campaign of calumny and merchandise in fake news and misinformation.

While it is common in other political parties to peddle huge cash around for vote buying and sundry expenses, our campaigns are made up of organic crowd who come to show their love and commitment to the rebuilding of a new Nigeria as inspired by Peter Obi.

We don’t know what your intentions are but in an attempt to downgrade the Obidient movement and rubbish the gains made as a result of massive goodwill and commitment to the Nigerian project, I would like to inform you that your mission is dead on arrival.

The wicked story of your fake news that some money was siphoned and mischievously diverted by my person and some other members of the party is a failed attempt at sabotaging the Obi/Datti movement in Adamawa.

Your story is not only false but irresponsible and an attempt to rubbish the earth-shaking, rousing and triumphant entry of the Peter Obi/Datti campaign movement in Adamawa state.

We are aware that some moles within the party are working with some outsiders to sabotage the wide and overwhelming acceptance of the Obi/Datti movement in the northeast and Adamawa State in particular. It is understandable that after a successful visit and outing by the Obi/Datti movement, they could hastily and cheaply circulate messages with their allies to attempt to water down the reality of the success and truth of Peter Obi’s massive endorsement in Adamawa state as the next president in waiting by the Grace of God.

There is no doubt in our minds that Peter Obi has come to stay and is winning Adamawa and northeast Nigeria.
Peter Obi is the movement whose time has come and a new Nigeria is possible. All true Obidients are in tune with this overwhelming reality and I would advise Maigari and his band of detractors to redirect the energy they invest in publishing fake, misleading and malicious rumours about Peter Obi and his followers, towards promoting and building a new Nigeria and ensuring the reality of Peter Obi in 2023.

To set the record straight, the Peter/Datti Presidential Campaign Council is a responsible, well organized and coordinated campaign structure that operates in consistence with modern-day best practices of campaigns and laws of the land to project Peter Obi in the best light possible, hence, the transparency and clarity in how funds and resources were best utilized and used for the Tuesday visit of Nigeria’s President in waiting Peter Obi by the God’s grace.

It is however important to point out that the said Maigari has threatened to blackmail the Peter Obi campaign council and movement unless his support group was advanced the sum of N22 million. The campaign council could not of course heed to his demands hence the childish and malicious tantrums displayed in his article.

As a responsible and purpose driven leadership of the Obidients movement in Adamawa state, we would like to call on all lovers of the Obi/Datti PCC to ignore every form of distraction circulating in the public space either through word-of-mouth or social media space and lets all endeavour to commit our efforts to ensure that Obi/Datti presidency is a reality come 25th February 2023.

I am a committed Obidient and Yusuful and I am committed to the emergence of a true Nigeria that would work for all Nigerians.

This is the time we all need to fight harder and redouble our efforts towards our goal of making Nigeria a prosperous country under the leadership of our President-in-waiting, Peter Obi and his Vice President Datti Baba Ahmed

Yours Obidently and Yusufuly,
Shanti Sashi.


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