COVID-19: CITAD laments absence of vaccination spots at worship centers

By Ahmed Ahmed

The Center for Information Technology and Development (CITAD) has expressed worry over the absence of vaccination spots at worship centers.

Mr Hamza Ibrahim, coordinator,
Public Education on COVID-19 Vaccine Project, CITAD made the lamentation while briefing Journalists in Bauchi over the weekend.

According to him, CITAD with support from MacArthur Foundation is implementing a “Public Education on COVID-19 Vaccine” in six states of the north.

“The states are Bauchi, Borno, Kaduna, Kogi, Kano and Plateau. The project is aimed at creating awareness around COVID-19 vaccine with a view to getting acceptance and uptake of the vaccine by people.

He noted that these critical services are absent at gathering places such as Mosques, churches and banks.

“We have identified hindrances to the COVID-19 vaccine uptake. The identified challenges if not addressed quickly will reinforce the misconception and fake news in circulation about the vaccine.

“That will sabotage the efforts geared towards containing the virus and addressing the pandemic in general,” he said.

He also lamented that vaccine administrators demand data payment from people who want to get vaccinated to upload their details on the online national register.

Ibrahim added that lack of will from top government officials further reinforces negative impression people have on the vaccine.

The Coordinator however appealed to Kogi state governor to immediately put a stop to “pay to get vaccinated” by providing data and other forms of support for vaccine administrators in the state.

He called on the state governors concerned to as a matter of urgency work to address the problems we have identified.

Mr Ibrahim also urged the state government to examine the vaccination channel in their separate states to have a broader view of the identified problems and other and deploy the needed mechanisms.

He also urged the public to disregard misconceptions and false narratives around COVID-19 and to get vaccinated.

The Coordinator also appeal to State Primary Healthcare Development Agencies in the six states to review their operation manual to ensure proper coordination for effective vaccination exercise.


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