Borno correspondents’ chapel demand return of union’s land sold by some state council officials

Members of the correspondents’ chapel in Borno State have demanded an unconditional return of land belonging to the Nigeria Union of Journalists (NUJ), allegedly sold by some officials of the state council.

A press statement signed by the chapel’s chairman, Haruna Dauda and Timothy Olanrewaju, the general secretary of the chapel respectively after an emergency meeting of the chapel which held Monday said members of the chapel were taken aback by the development

” 1. We condemn unequivocally, the alleged sale of the Union property by some officials of the union without due process and flagrant disregard to the NUJ Constitution.

“2. We call the officials involved, to as a matter of urgency, do everything legally possible to retrieve and return the said property.

“3. The chapel is appalled that despite the gravity of the act, the leadership of the union has refused to call a properly constituted SEC Meeting or Congress, where the issue can be addressed.

“4. As far as we, as a chapel are concerned, the meeting held on 25th January 2022, was more like an abridged stakeholders’ meeting, and its convocation did not conform with Article 5, Section F (g & h) of the NUJ Constitution.

“5. We call on the leadership of the union to convoke Congress Meeting within 7 days from now.

“6. We advise former leaders of the union and our elders to comport themselves properly against any unbecoming utterances or act(s), concerning the land matter.

“7. We demand clarity from the National Secretariat of the union, over the controversial approval given for the sale of the land in question.

“8. We commend the Council Officials that tendered their resignations, for upholding a high level of standard and integrity; especially our own Mr Dauda Iliya.

“9. We, as concerned and bonafide members of the Union, have resolved to pursue this matter to its logical conclusion, to restore the dignity of the journalism profession,” the statement said.


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