I don’t respond to school dropouts; Kumangar fires back at Atiku Ribadu

The Director-General media to Governor Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri of Adamawa State has replied to the All-Progressive congress over recent comments accusing the Director of being a drunk.

THE FINDER recalls that Director-General Media to the Governor during an interview with THE FINDER decried the rate at which APC in Adamawa is creating media hype and boasting of defeating the Governor in 2023, which is at variance with the reality on the ground that APC is none existent in the state.

Kumangar had pointed out issues that needed to be addressed by APC in Adamawa before laying claim to defeating the Governor in 2023.

Kumangar reiterated his call for the APC to bury their day dreaming of coming back to power as he claimed the candidate of the opposition APC that will defeat the Governor in 2023 must come from the moon.

While reacting to Ribadu’s claims, accusing him of being a drunk, the Director General challenged him to make public his degree certificate since it was claimed to have graduated from MAU, Yola.

In a statement issued on Sunday the Director-General media to Governor Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri, said it would be unfair to him to respond to a character deficient fellow like Atiku Ribadu as a college dropout and fighting dirty with a pig.

“The APC in Adamawa state has allowed unlettered and college drop outs to form their state Exco which is a big minus to the party, the next response am expecting from the APC in Adamawa should not come from a college dropout”.

He challenged Atiku Ribadu to make his degree certificate public so that the people would understand the level of his IQ, if there is any.


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