The Periscope Global Publishers sets April for 2021 productivity award

The management of the Periscope Global Publishers Ltd, publisher of the Periscope Global – both mainstream and online has scheduled April, 2022, for her 2021 Productivity Award.

The statement Thursday, issued by the country productivity and programme manager of the media industry, Lady Marie Ann Jefferson has spelt out the categories of the awards, the media assured critical, apolitical and objective selection.

“Is it any tough to point out the best governor(s) of the year?

“Can it be any tough selecting the best lawmakers at both the national and state levels from Adamawa state where the head office of the Periscope Global Publishers Ltd is located?

“How difficult, if at all, can it be, choosing the best and innovative leaders from institutions and organizations?

“Can it be any taxing task identifying the human hearts with philanthropic spirit that have made commendable impact on the community and her people?” Marie Ann would put as expositions.

“The media industry is not to be ignored, especially with the proliferation of the online media services; the most effective and efficient ones will indeed be recognised.

“The Periscope 2021 Achievers Award is categorised based on Effective and Efficient Leadership, Adequate and Excellent Representation, Humanitarian and Selfless Service, Integrity and Philanthropy.

“The Periscope Global apolitical and unbiased, 2021 achievers award is slated for April, 2022,” the month is fixed. we’re however deciding on the most appropriate day and most convenient venue for the event, to be communicated soon,” Lady Jefferson explained.


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