Adamawa 2023: Any candidate presented by the APC will be victimised, conquered by Gov Fintiri – Kumangar (I)

By Adamu Muhammad Dodo

It is not belated a deconstruction though, in a sense that the present, presents a prelude to the 2023 electioneering atmosphere – taking Adamawa state as a case study – being what critical thinker Carty could consider as litmus test.

I was brieved last Sunday, though it does not amount to a belief. I however believe that I would be tagged irresponsible as much as I considered the heartlessness in a source that sent me intimidating viewpoint, perhaps with the intent to have it published in the Periscope, without any prompting, though a political piece, being a lead publisher, the very day my lovely, caring grandmother transited to great beyond; translating to another irreparable loss; even if the tragedy was to the estimation of the source, not worthy for executive consideration to register condolence; even if the family could not be conceived as counting for a meaningful population in the electioneering consideration by the source of the viewpoint’s principal.

The mourning is now relatively relaxed, or at least to allow consideration for a deconstruction, however unconstructive she could seem to be to some seeming tipsy reviewers of the reviewed.

The intimidating viewpoint was without a byline. It was though credited to Director General Media to Governor Fintiri of Adamawa state, Mr Solomon Kumangar, who was recently promoted to the position of a permanent secretary in the state; the highest level in civil service carrier.

The new permanent secretary, Mr. Solomon Kumangar himself sent the viewpoint to me via WhatsApp.

Since other media have already published it. It is only appropriate for me to give a newfangled approach by means of deconstruction after the mourning.

“The only APC candidate who will defeat Fintiri must come from the moon,” made the headline of the viewpoint with a rather ghost byline.

Critical thinkers are agreed that contradictions contained therein the text have constrained the political contribution in constructive terms; Marie Ann Jefferson would dramatise whether or not the heading implied an analogy by means of metaphor, an intervention of extraterrestrial race fictionally elaborated in “The Visitors”, “Star Trek” and other – aliens – cosmic movies.

Could the challenge in the text that; “Any candidate presented by the opposition All Progressives Congress, APC, in Adamawa will be victimised and conquered by the man in the Dourgirei Government House, Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri, in 2023,” imply that the APC as a party would need seek for alien mercenaries from the moon? Jefferson would ask rather suggestively.

The question lies in the WH of the victimisation to subdue the opposition for a smooth defeat; reclaiming the executive seat at Dougirei hill. The “what” and the “how” of the victimisation of the opposition by executive, to conquer.

Yunusa Abubakar, the social commentator who is conversant with the cosmic movies, would contribute that extraterrestrial race referred to as aliens or intruders are always eventually defeated by the humankind, depicted as more sophisticated in knowledge, manipulation and diplomacy, even if not so much about superior technology.

A candidate from the moon, the American astronauts Neil Armstrong and Edwin “Buzz” Aldrin, a former , engineer and fighter pilot, the first humans ever to land on the moon, would not bring down, would be less intelligible for any political contribution on earth. “There is therefore, the need for superior convincing analogy, than inviting any species from the moon”.

Could the “moon” in the viewpoint be taken to symbolism in literature? The concept of imagism described as a 20th century movement in poetry, advocating free verse and the expression of ideas and emotions through clear precise images?

How enriched with literary ingredients is the viewpoint to have suggested the application of imagery in the interpretation of the meaning?

Moon as a symbol could be explained as being transposed into the human realm; as an image that pinpoints moral instability, the changing heart, the gullible mind, and our frequently vacillating resolve. Could these be characteristics of a candidate the piece credited to perm sec Kumangar, being recommended to APC to be able to defeat the victimising incumbent?

In the realm of personality and love, “moon” is one of the most important parts of humankind’s astrological profile: it represents one’s emotional side, feelings, intuition and memories. It dictates one’s relationship with the main maternal influences in life, as well as how one nurtures and cares for others.

Suffices to say that “moon” could represent the two contradicting sides of the human spirit; the good and the bad. It also serves as a romantic symbol of love between a man and a woman; symbolising an emotional and physical union, which invariably does not apply based on the context and content of the victimising to conquer viewpoint.

Perhaps, what in the opinion of the piece the moon could represent, relates to energy; power, “with this full moon comes strong energy and according to ‘The Little Sage’ , a full moon is the brightest and…it is the most potent point to cast off what is no longer serving you—and your crystals.”

Energy! Power! Does it consider the use of brute-force to effectively challenge victimising spirit by means of intimidation – though not openly advertised – to to cast off what is no longer serving you—and your crystals?

Some names of the APC potential candidates are mentioned in the body of the text and are considered weak to challenge victimising force to conquer; distinguished personalities like the world renowned anticorruption tsar, Nuhu Ribadu, the technocratic philanthropist, Mahmud Modi Halilu and the lawmaker strategising to claim the dougirei hill, Abdurrazak Namdas. This however takes another story.

Meanwhile, one with the Shakespearean spirit would consider Macbeth’s tragic flaw, identified as overambition, to be associated with the use of moon in the heading of the viewpoint credited to DG Kumangar under review.

“The only APC candidate who will defeat Fintiri must come from the moon,”

The weird sisters in Shakespeare’s Macbeth would though warn the tragic hero, to “beware of Macduff, beware the Thane of Fife,” would however convince by deceiving the overambitious that “none of woman born / Shall harm Macbeth”.

Breaking the sphinx however, the protagonist Macduff who was mocked by Macbeth that his effort was but a waste as “no one of woman born can beat the latter, would simply say he was from his mother’s womb / Untimely ripped”.

This is just a review, kind of redefining the heading.

To be continued


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