How wrong is recording conversations between Shilla or politician who packages religious sentiment as manifesto?

By Dr. Adamu Dodo

Is it a crime or it is recommended recording conversations between Shillah thug or kidnapper or bandit or Boko Haram or any separatist and those who expose the communication to rescue community from the criminality of the unpatriotic?

Why is the recorded and shared conversation that exposed conspiracy against Muslims and their faith for political representation, by one alleged to be either appointed or elected politician in Leko-Koma, Jada local government area, southern senatorial district of Adamawa state, northeast Nigeria stands condemnable rather than challenging squarely the daft culprit, the author of the ugly, disastrous disintegrating utterance?

Are Shilla thugs or Boko Haram any different from the daft, inept politician who packaged religious sentiment as a manifesto, while addressing his people? Isn’t ethnoreligious conflict more dividing or calamitous than the Shilla atrocity?

He was heard saying, by means of persuading the communicatee that the governor has hitherto blessed the non negotiable arrangement of fielding only Christian candidates for the elective position in their constituency.

“Even me, on expiration of my tenure, I’ll hand over to a Christian…” he was heard saying.

Recall that just but last week, an anonymous rather confused source, incoherently accused Jamilu Zubairu, the aristocratic politician of being sponsored to reintroduce ethnic politics in Adamawa state, simply for taking courage to challenge governor Fintiri in political terms at the PDP governorship primary election, for which it is said, he was being disqualified.

The source failed to substantiate who the sponsor was and how the accused intended to manipulate the political conscience of the electorates with a view to mortgaging their mandate for the establishment of the Fulani hegemony in the political Adamawa.

The diatribe went further to propagate libel against the internationally recognized personality of integrity, Malam Nuhu Ribadu, the antigraft tsar who surrendered his time and life in the struggle to restore the eroding integrity of the country before the world.

A certain Fulbe youths group has credited the authorship to Adamawa state governor. Permanent Secretary Solomon Kumangar, the key media aid to the governor has however denied the allegation and the diatribe as diversionary, mischievously drafted to cause dissension and refreshened mutual mistrust for antagonistic relationship between and among tribes in the state.

Even though the term Fulani is used in the state as metaphor addressing any Muslim as much as the term Hausa-Fulani, both are now considered more of languages than of tribes.

Is the daft Leko-Koma-for-Christians-only also part of the project to cast malice against either the Fulani or Muslim politicians to discourage the mandate that could bring the state out of the maze?

Is there any statement from the ruling party or government in the state against such sentiment, to be disassociated from the diatribe?

Shilla aren’t the only criminals, ethnoreligious sentiment in politics is more devastating for any party to invest or a government to promote.

Dodo the publisher of The Periscope Global Publishers writes from Yola.


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