Hon. Esther Abba is the most qualified in the 2023 Zangon Kataf/Jaba fed constituency reps contest

By Dr. Bege Saidu Mark

The contest to elect the next person to represent Zangon Kataf/Jaba Federal Constituency at the National Assembly comprises of the incumbent Legislator, Honourable Amos Gwamma Magaji who is seeking a second term, Retired Brigadier – General Simon Katunku, Honourable Amos Gandu, Mr. Gideon Jock otherwise known as Tinubun Jaba but now popularly called Mai Solar, then the only woman in the race, Rt. Honourable Chief Mrs. Esther Abba (Gimbiyan Atyap Chiefdom) otherwise known as the ‘Professor of Grassroots Politics’.

Before the 2019 general elections, little was known of Amos Gwamma Magaji, an Abuja based NGO Staff of T.Y Danjuma Foundation otherwise known as A.G.M but by antecedents of contesting election and eventually having the opportunity of representing the people in Abuja from 2019 – date, he can be referred to as a Politician though still learning the political ropes.

Indeed AGM has done his best with the mandate handed over to him. General Simon Katunku has joined the race after his retirement and has continued to try by contesting in every election year.

Though still with the toga of militarism in his new found political realm, which is radically different from his much cherished military establishment, Kudos must be given to this gallant officer for his consistency and doggedness in his quest to serve his people in Abuja. Amos Gandu has been a political participant in his Jaba home politics and he is contesting for the second time, the Abuja based businessman has shown resilience and passion to serve his people in the current election again.

Mr. Gideon Jock, a Staff of the National Assembly has been a vanguard of his people in community services from his God – given resources overtime. Thought as a Philanthropist or God – Sent by everyone due to his good works and commitment to the PDP in Jaba Local Government Council and the Church of Christ, looking at his background as the son of a Rtd Pastor, it was a shock by all that the relatively unknown Gideon in the political market square had ambition of representing his people suddenly, though he has the right as enshrined in the Nigerian constitution to do so upon resignation.

Tongues have been wagging though by many, who kept wondering if his philanthropy had a political undertone. Enters Rt. Honourable Chief Mrs. Esther Abba, an old time practising politician, both at the grassroots, Kaduna State and the North – Western region, where she served as an EXCO before resigning to contest election, she has been taking political decisions for the 7 states comprising it over the years along with other high ranking party stalwarts.

The strong Woman of Zone 3 politics was a State Women Leader for 8 years in Kaduna, a Member of the Kaduna State House of Assembly, a former Board Member of Kaduna State Water Board, a former Chairperson of Kaduna State Rehabilitation Board and Committee Member in different capacities of the PDP both at Kaduna State and National levels.

From the analysis above, it can be clearly seen that Mama Esther Abba is the only woman in the race and the most qualified for the position based on her past and continuous records which are scattered in the public domain. Delegates, Stakeholders and and PDP EXCOS should shine their eyes in electing who to represent them and remember the Party. Being an EXCO herself, Mama knows the pains of politicians, she is not an ACCIDENTAL POLITICIAN, thus her priority will be to serve her people as well as the Outgoing EXCOS and the ones that will emerge after the 2023 general elections. She has the capacity and experience to carry everybody along as a Mother that has been in the game for long.

Mark writes from Kaduna.


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