Ukrainian refugee ‘snatches’ husband from British lady who housed her

Lorna Garnett, a resident of Bradford, United Kingdom, has expressed disappointment after Tony Garnett, her husband, ran off with a 22-year-old Ukrainian refugee she housed in May.

According to the Sun UK, the 28-year-old mother of three claimed she was left heartbroken after her partner of 10 years decided to leave her just 10 days after Sofiia Karkadym, the refugee, moved into their house.

The Garnetts had given the Ukrainian a place to stay after she fled her country due to the ongoing war with Russia.

“I had my reservations at first about ­taking a refugee into our home — who wouldn’t?” Lorna Garnett was quoted to have said.

“We were bringing a stranger into our house to live with us.

“That’s a major decision to take and though I was unsure, he wanted to do it. The situation in Ukraine is terrifying for ordinary people so I decided it was the right thing to do to put a roof over someone’s head and help them when they were in desperate need.

“And this is how Sofiia repaid me for giving her a home.”

Tony Garnett, 29, who works with the NHS, offered to become the Ukrainian’s UK sponsor after they were first introduced to each other on Facebook.

Karkadym, an IT manager who used to live in Kyiv, Ukraine, was offered a UK visa in early May. Days after she moved in with the Garnetts, tensions rose as Tony and their new guest grew close — and Lorna began regretting ever opening up their rented home to her.

When Lorna felt she had had enough of the ‘unwanted attraction’ between Karkadym and her husband, she decided to ask her to leave her house.

She was devastated when her husband packed his bags and left their home with the Ukrainian.

Tony would later tell Lorna that he had fallen ‘head over heels in love’ with the Ukrainian. He also told her he would love to build a new life with Karkadym.

Yesterday, after news of the incident made headlines in the UK and Ukraine, Tony and Karkadym, who had been squatting with Tony’s parents since leaving Lorna, were kicked out.


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