Gombi residents pour encomiums on EU, UNICEF for rejuvenating healthcare delivery

Mohammed Ismail, Yola

An outpour of encomiums and positive approbation has trailed the intervention of the European Union (EU) and UNICEF in Gombi Local Government as both healthcare workers and patients said such intervention provided the plank upon which provision of quality healthcare for the teeming populace rests.

Some of the healthcare workers interviewed by Factchecknews have unequivocally said that without the intervention of the EU/UNICEF, primary healthcare will have simply been in jeopardy in view of the dearth of facilities and equipments to sustain quality provision of healthcare in the local government.

A visit to the clinic B in Gombi, refurbished by EU/UNICEF revealed a convivial atmosphere of harmony between the environment, healthcare workers and the patients.

Findings by Factchecknews revealed that before the intervention, chaos, disorderliness dearth of facilities and equipments was the order of the day which usually breeds tension and misunderstanding between the workers and the patients.

“The clinic used to be a cacophony of discordant voices occasioned by poor work environment, dearth of equipments and tools which usually sustained an atmosphere of suspicion between the workers and patients.

” With the positive intervention of EU/UNICEF which provided a conducive atmosphere, equipments, drugs and even training to a number of staff, this center has been transformed from glorified consulting unit to a center of excellence, ” a medical worker who do not want his name mentioned said.

Re-echoing the position, the Maternal and Child Care officer of clinic B, Habiba Ibrahim said since its rejuvenation by the EU, UNICEF, the clinic has recorded a spike in visitation.

Ibrahim noted that the clinic has become a beehive of activities since the intervention by EU, UNICEF noting that visitations have increased from a monthly average of 450 to a monthly average of 1,080 patients.

She noted that the EU/UNICEF has repainted the clinic, tiled the floor and walls of the labour room, renovated bathrooms and toilets, equipped them with water, provided handwashing facilities, equipment and drugs, noting that services at the clinic have greatly improved.

“Since the renovation, visitation has increased from a monthly average of 450 to 1080.

”The increase in visitation was as a result of the better services we give to the people due to the EU/UNICEF intervention in terms of facilities and the enhancement of working relationship between the staff and the patients,” she said.

She noted that the increase in visitation has presented another challenge to the hospital as they need more rooms and hospital beds to accommodate the influx of patients.

In the same vein, the director of immunization, Gombi local government area of Adamawa State, Rahila Musa, said the intervention of European Union, and United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), about 80 percent of children aged 1- 5 are now fully registered.

Musa who made the revelation during a session with Factchecknews reporter, noted that with the position, the children are now fully ‘known’ Nigerians adding that government is aware of their presence and will capture them in its activities.

She further added that the registration will equip the government with information of the number of children in the local government for the purpose of social security, medicare, school enrolment and many other benefits.

“In terms of birth registration, almost 80 percent of children in Gombi local government are known because they have original birth certificates.

” EU/UNICEF ensured the success of the registration in conjunction with the National Population Commission especially during immunization,” she said.

Musa noted that EU/UNICEF intervention in the area of provision of nutrition and supplements has saved the lives of more than 80 percent of children in the area.

“More than 80 percent of malnourished children have been saved from imminent death because of the intervention.

” In less than six weeks after administration, malnourished children usually regain back their weight and health.

“Many children that could have gone are now very much alive and healthy. So we are very happy,” she said.

She thanked EU/UNICEF for renovating and equipping a clinic in the local government saying the gesture has led to better services resulting in saving more lives of the people.

Musa also commended the EU/UNICEF for their intervention in the area of immunization trainings and provision of logistics towards a hitch free immunization in the area.

She noted that in the same passion, Cholera epidemic was drastically curtailed adding that hitherto the epidemic had assumed a frightening dimension.

“EU/UNICEF have come handy with the supply of water, free drugs and adequate sensitization in the area of health education.

“Before, we use to have cholera and skin diseases but with the intervention of EU/UNICEF, in health education, provision of water, essential drugs we recorded only few cases of Cholera. In fact, Gombi recorded no death in 2019.

” In 2019 Cholera vaccine was given to areas that were affected but here in Gombi, we were not given such because we didn’t experience any epidemic.

“They educate the people against open defecation. They thought the people about the benefits of washing hands after using the toilets and before eating and provided us with drugs,” she said.

She noted that before the EU/UNICEF intervention, Cholera epidemic was so rampant in the area leading to significant loss of lives.

“Before there is no calendar year that we will not have Cholera and deaths but with the intervention of EU/UNICEF, the epidemic has reduced seriously.

” There is one village, Muchalla, where the EU/UNICEF constructed two latrines to stop open defecation which is rampant in the area. Coupled with the health education and sensitization meetings, some of the residents have dug pit latrines in their houses bringing open defecation to the barest minimum which reduced the incidents of Cholera epidemic,” she said.

We are highly indebted to EU/UNICEF – Residents say

The residents of Gombi who were directly affected by the various interventions of the EU/UNICEF in the area expressed appreciation adding that life would have been brutish and difficult without such interventions.

Leading the pack is a nursing mother, Rahab Emmanuel who said she was given free antenatal treatment in clinic B, Gombi local government.

“I have received excellent attention during my antenatal visitation and also did not spend a dime during delivery.

”Since I delivered about 6 weeks ago, my child has been receiving free care and immunization. I’m grateful to the hospital management. They are really doing a good job,” she said.

Another nursing mother, Maryam Danlami also commended the clinic for the good services and attention it gives patients.

She said all categories of patients are given adequate attention by the hospital urging the management to maintain the tempo.

“We are grateful to this facility. Over the years it has witnessed a positive turn around as it has come to our rescue in all facets of healthcare provision.

” The hospital has been administering free ante natal and post natal services, administering free immunization to our children, provide supplements to our babies, gives free drugs to patients and take care of all our health concerns. We are really grateful,” she said.


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