Re- Jamilu Zubairu’s Contest And The Reintroduction Of Ethnic Politics In Adamawa: A Deconstruction (I)

– Did Governor Fintiri truly issued the illogical piece as alleged? – Literary critic

By Adamu Muhammad Dodo

Politics without bitterness is a strong pillar for peaceful coexistence, progress and development in the political Adamawa; one of its characteristics is seen in the practice of all inclusiveness in governance with the political appointments after election in which the opposition party members are given slots, though this is not in the spirit of true democratic opposition in politics to checkmate the excesses of the ruling party or the elected, as it facilitates defection by the unpatriotic, bereft of principle hypocritical hearts.

Ethnoreligious sentiment is deployed by the political pessimist with inferior popularity or perceives defeat prior to the contest, as propaganda for deception with a view to win the support of those hemmed in by defective memory.

In the gradually enlightened political Adamawa as a state, religious sentiment in politics is fast fading; fast becoming less fashionable having one religion predominating over the other and/or if there are, others; examples abound.

The sentiment, remains with ethnicity, rather superficially, with the mirage air about a between majority and minority tribes that intermarriages between and among, work tough to address the sociopolitical challenge being peddled by unpatriotic contestants as a means of evading defeat.

Talking about the Fulani as the majoritarian and the other tribes put together as the minority tribes in Adamawa state; how can the put together tribes become the minority? In what critical sensed criteria or consideration?

Fulani or Fulfulde has since transformed from tribal to speaking language in Adamawa and perhaps beyond, close to the same Hausa category. Even though part of the syncategorematic considerations, the affixed term Hausa-Fulani is referred to any Muslim irrespective of tribe.

It is thought that what would occupy the electioneering atmosphere of the 2023 would be issue based, manifesto based; showcasing credibility capacity and delivery capability. Suddenly, the candidate(s) that read defeat and or the pessimist supporters desappointed by the projection of failure, are alleged to have taken to polically unethical ethnocentric trajectory for mutual mistrust to heat the polity with confusion.

My attention has been drawn to a certain seeming politically influenced tribal hate piece against peace and mutual coexistence, against politics without bitterness, trending via social media, which in response, certain Fulbe youths groups, or so addressed, have credited authorship to Governor Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri of Adamawa state, “rediculling the image of Fulani extraction in disguise” the groups pointed out in their to be continued hit back.

Who are the group members? Both writings trending via social media have but anonymous bylines, a hypocritical hypothesis if not properly addressed, would instigate mutual mistrust and antagonistic relationship. This informed the deconstruction in series for which I undertake.

The somewhat disgusting, illogical and incoherent piece would have been a wish away, but for the weighty allegation crediting the piece to the chief executive and accounting officer of the state, responsible for maintaining law and order and encouraging peaceful coexistence by the citizenry recognising the other and responsibly respecting differences, among other acts of governance, though still in mourning, I put a call to the lead media aid to the governor, Mr. Solomon Kumangar whose recent elevation to the position of a permanent secretary is still being celebrated, he denied that his principal could issue such a rhapsody of disintegration in a state whose beauty lies in her sociocultural diversity, adopting the spirit of adaptation in tune with the philosophy of aculturation, chiefly to score electorates’ support.

“If you believed that the Fresh air governor would permeate the politically peaceful atmosphere with this sentiment laden piece, then you can believe everything.

“Governor Fintiri has already made an incontestable trademark with amazing performances, winning the minds of the electorates for a smooth second term, why should he descend to such parochial sentiment?” Kumangar would tell me.

Governor Fintiri himself would say, while addressing a political gathering in Hausa that “kaji suna maganan Fintiri, Fintiri… Ai Fintiri ba programme bane. Ka gayawa talakan Adamawa me zaka yi masa”.

Crudely translated as “you here them complaining Fintiri, Fintiri. But Fintiri isn’t a programme. Spell out your programme, package your manifesto that will be appealing to, tell the common man in the state what to expect from you”.

The governor would have been claimed by the very same intercourse with negativity he publicly punctured, should he truly lament accused the aristocratic Jalimu Zubairu as a sponsored mercenary for reintroducing Fulani hegemony in the state, while still arguing that the Fulani in Adamawa represent elements of disunity as an end in themselves with their political infighting that begets impeachment and lack of support for one another in pursuit of a common political goal, as alleged.

To be continued…

Dodo a media guru writes from Yola, Adamawa State.


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