2023: Internal strife, litigations will destroy APC, PDP in Adamawa – Otumba

~ Says LP has become nightmare to dominant political parties in the state

The gubernatorial candidate of the Labour Party (LP) in Adamawa State, Umar Mustapha Madawaki a.k.a Otumba of Ekiti has predicted the implosion of the dominant political parties in the state over surfeit internal crisis and litigations ahead of the 2023 general election.

He noted that the bad blood, manipulations, rabid mudslinging amongst party men and women will crystalize into a seismic misfortune on the two political parties in 2023.

Otumba said members of APC and PDP are not at ease with themselves and do not enjoy solid working relationship, a development that will rob their political parties of the cohesion needed to emerge victorious in general elections.

In a session with newsmen, Otumba said his party has become the nightmare of the two dominant political parties due to its soaring profile and exponential popularity.

He noted that despite the fact that the party is yet to start aggressive drive in the build up to the 2023 general election, it has been recording significant milestones in the state adding that it has recently poached over 700 members of the New Nigeria People Party (NNPP) and expecting thousands of PDP members into its fold.

Dispelling wide spread rumours to the effect that the party has no grassroot appeal, Otumba said such speculations are coming from the two dominant political parties who have been gripped by fear over their imminent defeat and loss of political fortunes.

He noted that after they were cheated, raped and abused by the two dominant political parties, the people of Adamawa have decided to discard APC, and PDP into the dustbin of history and want to chart a new course by electing a fresh party with no moral baggage or history of deceit making them to settle on LP.

“Only deluded minds make such wild and unsubstantiated insinuations but the people have already made up their minds to salvage their lot from the hands of their persecutors and unscrupulous anarchists. The PDP and APC establishment should continue to underestimate us at their own peril,” he said.

He however maintained that LP has a sturdy grip on the polity and is well structured across the length and breadth of the state from top to bottom.

Otumba noted that if political structure is the only yardstick for electoral victory, then PDP and President Goodluck Jonathan would not have lost election because sequel to the election no political party can beat the PDP in terms of structures across board.

“Goodluck Jonathan was a sitting President with powers of incumbency at his beck and call. And with all the political structures and huge war chest, he woefully lost the election to a party that has not been in power,” Umar said.

He noted that the Labour Party has become synonymous with the masses and has innately become part and parcel of the populace adding that it has a well-designed template for free flow of information from all structures of the party’s system not only in Adamawa but the entire states of the federation.

“Don’t you see how the Labor Party became prominent within a period of three months? If it is not a structured party we would not have become what we are.

” We are a force to reckon with, not only that but a nightmare to all political parties. Therefore if anyone tells you we don’t have a structure the person is either illiterate politics-wise, or he doesn’t understand what it means to have a political structure in a party.” Otumba said.

He further disclosed that the party in Adamawa has gone to the extent of forming a political structure for the Youth, the women, and ardent politicians to function seamlessly and effectively.

“Which structure are they talking about? In all the political polling units in the state we have over two hundred party men watching over the place. For your information, Labour Party is well institutionalized not only in Adamawa but the whole of Nigeria.” He said.

Otumba who predicted a bad outing for APC and PDP expressed optimism that LP will supplant them in 2023 in Adamawa State as people are tired of the failed promises of the two parties.

He noted that even if the two dominant parties are not having internal strife and litigations, the Labour Party in Adamawa will still defeat them in a free and fair contest as the twosome have lost symphaty of the masses.

“Very soon I will receive thousands of PDP followers and someone will tell me that they will survive the tsunami that is about to consume them? We are waiting for them at the poll in 2023,” Otumba said.


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