Your badmouth lands you into trouble not Fintiri, Kumangar slams Lawal Uba

The Director General Media and Communications to Governor Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri of Adamawa state, Solomon Kumangar, has exonerated his principal for allegedly ordering the arrest of a vocal critic, A.A Lawal Uba.

According to a statement by Kumangar, the Department of State Service (DSS) on Friday invited AA Lawal Uba over his vituperation on the speaker, Adamawa state house of assembly, Aminu Abbas.

“In reaction to the invitation by the DSS, the main opposition party in Adamawa, the All progressive congress (APC) blamed Fintiri for Uba’s travails and accused him of stifling dissenting voices in Adamawa state,” Kumangar noted.

Absolving his principal from any wrongdoing, Kumangar urged Lawal to be courageous in accepting the fact that he is responsible for his travails.

“AA Lawal Uba is a misguided critic who ought to know that the Governor on several fora has reiterated and welcome constructive criticism by anyone he should, however, know the difference between criticism and hurling insults on leaders. He, therefore, has himself to blame and not Fintiri,” Kumangar noted.

Kumangar lambasted the APC as a party seeking relevance in Adamawa to divert attention from the recent dollarized primary that produced a candidate who has set members at daggers drawn at each other.

“It is wrong to condemn impunity when there is none and turn blind eyes to the recent impunity it perpetrated in the recent dollarized APC governorship primary in Adamawa,” he said.

He said, “It is therefore wrong for APC to assume that Fintiri ordered the invitation of AA Lawal Uba by security agencies simply because the victim of injustice is not a man of stout means.”

The statement urged AA Lawal Uba, APC, “to leave Fintiri out of their political travails and allow God’s time and preferences to prevail.”


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