Muslim-muslim ticket: You’re a lilly livered opportunistic political thug – Ribadu tells Maduwa

~Calls for his immediate arrest over inciting comments

The organizing secretary of the opposition All Progressives Congress (APC) in Adamawa State, Mustapha Atiku Ribadu has in a strong worded statement called for the immediate arrest of governor Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri’s associate, Steven Maduwa over inciting comment against Muslims capable of causing the spillage of innocent blood.

In a statement he personally signed and made available to newsmen on Wednesday, Ribadu said the governor’s associate is nothing other than a lilly livered opportunistic political thug who thinks that issuing such a cowardly and baseless threat will make him a hero.

” Fueling the embers of war in the build up to general election is an affront on our constitution and electoral act which should never be condoned. Maduwa’s inciting rabble becomes even more disturbing considering the volatility of Michika and the entire Adamawa north which is still smarting from the grip of Boko Haram insurgency and other forms of social insecurity,” he said.

Maduwa, a PDP chieftain and close ally of governor Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri has in a viral video urged people to bring out swords to fight imbeciles and usurpers whenever they come to Michika for campaigns.

He also cautioned the people against voting for Muslim-muslim ticket and a Kanuri man, saying that fielding a Muslim-muslim ticket with Kanuri man as a major beneficiary represents the worst affront on the sensibility of his people.

The politician who also called Peter Obi a gambler urged christians not to be deceived into voting the Labour Party’s candidate in churches just as he called the running mate of APC Gubernatorial candidate in Adamawa State, Titsi Ganama a sell out and urged the people of Michika not to give him the opportunity to campaign in the area.

But reacting to Maduwa’s comments, Ribadu noted that the politician has no moral standing to attack the Muslim-muslim ticket adopted by his party because despite the numerical strength of Muslims in Michika local government, every important position was ceded to a Christian.

“Maduwa has no moral right to talk about Muslim-muslim ticket because in his local government of Michika where there is substantial number of Muslims, all elected political office holders are Christians.

“The council chairman, vice chairman, Secretary, council leader, commissioner, member state Assembly, House of rep, LGA party chairman, are all christians. It is trite for someone with Maduwa’s smear and stains to attack Muslim-muslim ticket,” he said.

Ribadu said that it is the height of rascality and madness for Maduwa to say he will not vote for APC urging those close to the politician to take him to hospital for mental examination.

“I find it difficult to understand from where Maduwa is coming. But for a man in PDP to say he will not vote for APC only signifies that he may be suffering from a serious mental health challenge,” Ribadu noted.

Ribadu who accused Maduwa of thuggish tendencies noted that this is not the first time he is inciting violence on individuals as he has done that by threatening to slaughter an Adamawa based journalist for doing his work.

“We know that Maduwa has a pastime of issuing threats on journalists and others who disagree with the incompetent government of his principal. But we want to tell him that enough is enough as we are capable of defending ourselves against any onslaught by him or any power drunk mortal potentate,” he added.


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