Adamawa SDP refutes reported collapse of structures into PDP

The opposition Social Democratic Party (SDP) in Adamawa State has refuted the collapse of its structures into the ruling Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Adamawa State.

Making the clarification at a press conference in Yola, Ibrahim Ahidjo Karlahi, the publicity secretary of the party during a press conference convened by state and local government party executives noted that the action of the ruling party in spreading the fake news was informed by mortal fear of imminent defeat.

“It has come to our notice that Gov. Ahmadu Fintiri and the entire PDP cohorts in the state, frightened by the imminent and inevitable stance of electoral defeat, have sponsored some news items in which few elements claiming to be SDP members are said to have defected to the ruling party in the state.

“This is not coming to the SDP as a surprise given the rapid popularity fall of the PDP among the electorate against the astronomical rise of the SDP in Adamawa state.

“It explains why the governor is desperately looking for a saving straw to grab. In such a panic situation, he and his cohorts concocted such a scene in the hope of creating crises in our party. Fortunately, we have seen such a move in 2019 in which the same elements that are said to have decamped to the PDP now enacted the same scenario,” he said.

He reiterated that SDP structures in the state are intact adding that all the members of the party exco still with the party.

“SDP is intact, and before you here are most members of the state executive committee including most chairmen of Local Government Areas. Those that are inevitably absent are away on critical party campaign activities.

“Furthermore, our campaigns are moving on well and we are poised to winning the governorship and other elections in the state. We are not bothered and will not be distracted by such untoward acts of a losing party whose government has plunged the state into huge debilitating debts and destructive policies.

“We will therefore not dignify this shameful act of the PDP with any further response beyond this refutal press conference. Our teeming supporters across the state are advised to continue with our campaign efforts of rescuing our state from the poor and clueless Fintiri administration.

“To this end, it is important to note the sad state of things in our country and our state today – i.e. the destruction of our economy, our monetary policy, our educational system, our environment and ecology; the ensuing banal corruption, nepotism, unemployment, poverty, insurgency, banditry, kidnapping, genocide; the general state of violence and insecurity across our country and state. All these are solely brought to us by the PDP and the APC! This is an indisputable and undeniable fact as it is only these two political parties that held sway the affairs of our country and our state since the return of democracy in 1999.

“It is now obvious to all and sundry that as a people and a state we cannot and should not allow things to continue in this manner. And in order to halt this inexorable national drift and give our democracy, our people and our state a new lease of life and sense of direction, it has become imperative that real patriots across the state migrate away from both the PDP and the APC, and staunchly oppose their destructive tendencies! These two parties clearly have no solutions, or even direction, to our state malaise; in fact, an increasingly dominant public view today rightly sees them as the source of our problem itself. They must therefore be put out of our public affairs in this election season.

“We therefore need to build an alternative government that will take on the real issues confronting us as a people created by the PDP and APC, and proffer feasible and practical solutions for the betterment of our state. To this end, PDP and APC are obviously out of any consideration. We call on all our people to make sober reflection and wide consultation and vote the SDP as that viable alternative to rescue our democracy, our society and our people from the maladious grip of these two venal political parties. We have already been destroyed enough; let us not allow ourselves and our future to be annihilated. Let’s vote PDP and APC out of existence. It’s the best way to secure our people and our future,” he said.


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