Heroes of president Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s victory in 2023 presidential election series: Dr. Bello Maigari

Heroes of president Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s victory in 2023 presidential election: Dr. Bello Maigari

By Wada Musa

“Dr Bello Maigari is among the heroes of the Victory of the President in 2023 Presidential election.”

In all democracies all over the world and victories of all electoral countries, there are political figures who stake their all in order to make that victory possible.

The victory of President Bola Ahmed Tinubu in the 2023 Presidential contest in the country was made possible by so many heroes of that resounding victory and today we in the cause of this series want to bring to the fore the contributions of Dr Bello Maigari, the present executive secretary of the national lottery trust fund to make that victory possible.

Even before the President, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu made public his intention to contest for the office of the President by declaring for that seat under the All Progressive Congress which he was formerly it’s national leader, Dr. Bello Maigari is one of the apostles of the Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s political school who staked his office by publicly calling on him to come out and declare for the office of the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and this was because he believed that he was the best foot forward to achieve the greatness, peace, unity, progress and development of Nigeria in all its physicality.


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It is a fact that when other political figures choose to seat on the fence by keeping their supporters guessing on whom among the plethora of speculated would be candidates and on which platforms they would contest for the seat of the President of Nigeria, Dr Bello Maigari publicly declared his support for President Bola Ahmed Tinubu.

Maigari matched his talk by going ahead to make big billboards displayed publicly in all the capitals and major cities of the nineteen northern states and the Federal capital territory seeking for supports and endorsement of Bola Ahmed Tinubu when he finally decides to declare for the Presidency.

To many who are conversant with the political philosophies of Dr Bello Maigari, he is not a man that seeks to support a candidate for the sake of political rent seeking because as a patriot and leader he believes that in history no nation has been able to achieve any substantial leap without a leader with vision, strategic plans and the credentials to give it quality leadership.

Dr Bello Maigari believes that we as citizens have a patriotic duty to in our own little way contribute to the recruitment of quality leaders for our country and in his leadership recruitment drive of the best man for the job as President of the Federal republic of Nigeria, he sees Bola Ahmed Tinubu as the best candidate to support to move our country forward.

Dr Bello Maigari walked his talk by forming and sponsoring many supports group as patron which he uses to galvanize and aggregating the supports of the citizens for the candidature of President Bola Ahmed Tinubu when he finally bowed to pressure from people like him to come out and declare for the President of Nigeria.

He also made sure that as an ambassador of this supports group for the victory of the President, the group have a national spread.

His support for the President was total and make no mistake about it, as he believes that when the President finally becomes victorious, the country is going to experience many positives because Bola Ahmed Tinubu based on data and evidence from his past political endeavours is not a leader who over relied on the unbridled optimism, hedonistic fatalism and the political gimmickery in his dealing with matters of great importance like the development of our country in all its physicality because he has severally been tried and tested.

His campaign as the presidents political ambassador was spreading the messages that the positives to be derived from the President victory would be accentuated by his deliberate leadership style which entails a departure from the usual political sloganeering of the past which has never translated into any positives for the country.

He believes the overarching vision of the President and his significant development strategies and his key performance indicators as governor of Lagos State and his past actionable plans and experience as a political leaders are his major credentials that would burst the challenge of the present in Nigeria which is to make life better for all.

Dr Bello Maigari staked all he had in ensuring that President Bola Ahmed Tinubu becomes victorious. He is one of those who believes that the President would from the first day work for all because he has a clear, coherent strategic action plans driven by data and evidence and most importantly, a disciplined, transparent and a consistent execution plans to make things work for our country.

Today as the executive secretary of the national lottery trust fund, an interventionist agency that uses the proceeds from gaming to intervene in many areas of needs of our country and an avid believer of the renewed hope programmes of the president,he is using his office in helping the president achieve on it’s mandates.

Among the heroes of the victory of the president in the 2023 presidential election, Dr Bello Maigari’s support and his undying patriotism made him one of our Frontline heroes of the presidents well deserved victory.

Musa writes from Abuja.


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