Fintiri swears-in new perm secs, says promotion based on merit, excellence

Governor Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri has today sworn-in new parmanent secretaries urging them to maintain excellent and meritorious conduct for which they were selected for the promotion.

In a speech he delivered at the occasion where 10 permanent secretaries including his Director General media and communications, Solomon Kumangar, were sworn-in, the governor reiterated the resolve of his administration to transform the service into a world class machine for effective delivery of policies and programme of the government.

“To work for modern Adamawa, the
civil service needs to be upgraded to reflect our new-found status as a State.
This matter, to you and to us as politicians, because we all want the same thing: better to serve our fellow citizens and the State we love. A government machine inspired by timeless values, but with the confidence and flexibility to enact them in everyday working life. A civil service that’s more open, innovative, collaborative, unified, empowering, forward-thinking, flexible –
aspirational, transformational, talent-spotting, nurturing, tech-savvy,
diverse, socially mobile and most importantly merit-driven.

“We have subdued mediocrity and upheld the triumph of merit in progression in the service. We have overhauled the process of selecting candidates for appointment as Permanent Secretaries in the State.

“To engender transparency and ensure appointments to such exalted position are done purely on merit devoid of parochial considerations, we have introduced examination to be conducted by an independent examiner – the
Administrative Staff College of Nigeria (ASCON). And ensured that the result
of such examinations is made public.

“I reiterate my confidence in the
selection process and call on the Head of Service to ensure that it remains
transparent, meticulous and credible.

“Today, you are the successful candidates that such transparent process has thrown to us. I can’t call you lucky because you possessed something greater than luck. Congratulations.
I urge you to justify your performance in the examination with your
performance in office.

“Now more than ever before you are ushered into the hall of leaders in your respective capacities. Leadership doesn’t mean learning the jargon of management. Rather Leadership is about taking the task at hand, and inspiring others, confident in their ability, and empowering them to deliver. It’s about expressing views straightforwardly and with clarity, upwards as well as downwards. It’s about innovation and problem solving.

“You are coming on board at a very critical time when we are wrapping up
our successes in the execution of our 11-point agenda amidst precarious
social, economic and political climate. We have braved through triumphantly
over the years with the support of dedicated leadership at the helm of the
service; as we welcome you on board the team, I urge you to remain focused,
productive and accountable not only to the administration but to the people
we are all hired to serve.

“The guiding philosophy of the Government as always is ensuring no one is left behind and nothing is left untouched,” he said.


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