Gov. Tambuwal has a history of rebellion against northern elders – Jada

A chieftain of the ruling People’s Democratic Party (PDP), in Adamawa, Umar Bello Jada aka Calculate has disclosed that governor Aminu Tambuwal of Sokoto State has a history of rebellion, impudence and disrespect against the northern elders by constantly rejecting their moves to bring stability in the zone’s political system.

Jada who made the revelation during a chat with our reporter Tuesday, noted that the northern region has an established gerontocracy where elders moderate and shape the system which is responsible for the peaceful enterprise the region was known for over the decades.

While accusing Tambuwal of treating the views of the elders with disdain, Jada said such impudence is always responsible for the crisis afflicting the governor’s drive to lead Nigeria.

“In the north, we always believe in the sanctity of our respected elders whose views and directions are obeyed religiously.

“In the build up to the 2019 presidential primaries, PDP zoned the presidential ticket to the north. Tambuwal was pushed into the race by some southern leaders. But the northern elders told him point black that they will not accept a situation where people from outside the region will determine who rule them. For that they called on him to contest the position of governor since he has the chance of going for second term.

“But Tambuwal vehemently rejected the position of the elders. In turn, the elders including T. Y Danjuma and IBB ensured that Tambuwal was roundly defeated in the Portharcourt party primaries,” he said.

Jada while reacting to Tambuwal’s rejection of the current consensus reached by some aspirants in the build up to the PDP presidential primaries, said, the development has only exposed the governor as a desperate politician whose only ambition is to get power at all cost.

“Tambuwal and three other PDP aspirants have unanimously settled for the consensus arrangement in order to strengthen the chances of the north in 2023. They approached IBB who engaged the northern elders and the process was faithfully followed to the latter.

“But to the dismay of everyone, Tambuwal upon losing in the process vehemently rejected it. What is becoming clear from his attitude is that he has no faith in the process he has willingly subscribed to because of his blind ambition.

“Posterity will never be kind to Tambuwal and Sule Lamido for the spoiler game they are playing due to blind ambition because if the north loses the chance to field a candidate, the blame should be squarely put on the shoulders of Tambuwal and Sule Lamido who are all out to truncate the process for self serving reasons,” he said.

When asked if Bala would have supported others had he lost out in the process, Jada said, Bala Mohammed was not in the race for personal aggrandizement but he made himself available after a lot of pressure from the people and had he lost, the consensus, he would have abided by it and would have unconditionally lent his support to whoever emerged as the preferred candidate.

“Bala Mohammed was prodded into the contest to serve as a credible alternative to Atiku due to the sentiments expressed by Nigerians against the election of very old people.

“In a move to ensure the north east still has opportunity if Atiku is rejected on account of his age and other sundry reasons, Bala will serve as a credible alternative. That is why we pushed him to throw his hat into the contest.

“One thing that is sure is, if Bala Mohammed did not made it at the consensus, he would have respected the people’s verdict and fully support whoever emerged from the process because he is a complete gentlemen and a true democrat,” Jada added.


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