Stakeholders accuse Jada/Mbulo APC chair of plans to sabotage party primaries

The 2023 general election is just months away, and political parties are strategizing to produce candidates that will win elections for them both at the state and national levels.

One of the major political parties, the All Progressives Congress (APC) in Adamawa State which adopted the delegate mode of electing party candidates for governorship elections will be holding its delegate elections on Tuesday.

While the party is making plans for the exercise, stakeholders from Jada/Mbulo state constituency are accusing the Jada local government chairman of the party of foul play and move to undermine the agreement reached by party stakeholders at a meeting recently at Muna hotel.

A senior stakeholder of the party from Jada/Mbulo constituency, Buba Baba Muri has called on the state chairman of the party, Alhaji Ibrahim Bilal to caution the local government chairman of the party Babangida Dan Jauro whom he accused of undermining the decision of the party.

Baba Muri in a phone interview with our correspondent said that Jauro’s moves will ridicule the efforts of strengthening the party ahead of the coming elections.

“The crisis in APC Jada began after the election of ward executives. Immediately after the election, the former member of the state House of Assembly representing Jada/Mbulo, Hammanjoda Umaru Farang convinced the party chairman to change the list and they swore in people that did not win the elections at night. The original list later came from the national secretariat of the party but they refused to show us the list.

“The local government chairman also went and removed the chairman of Danaba ward without an official letter from the party headquarters. It’s been three months now since that happened and we have not heard from the party officials,” Muri laments.

Narrating the decision of the party during its stakeholders’ meeting in Yola, Muri said “stakeholders of the party met in Yola and resolved that the party delegates should be maintained for the upcoming party primaries.

“The only changes that the stakeholders agreed on are that two women should be added to the list and that will mean it will be delegates of three men and two women. Where there are no women, the stakeholders agreed that two male delegates should forward the names of their wives or daughters to replace them to ensure that women are represented.

“The party chairman of Jada local government did not respect this agreement by the stakeholders. Instead, he changed all the delegates without even conducting an election or consulting stakeholders of the party from the local government or affected wards. He collected forms from the state secretariat but refused to give them to the delegates but instead selected some people and gave them the forms to fill.”

He called on the leadership of the party and relevant stakeholders to wade into the brewing crisis and save the party before it is too late.

“I’m calling the chairman of our great party, the APC, to intervene, or else we will leave the party. They cannot be treating us like children. In Chamba land, a Chamba man does not lose an election, it is the party that will lose. We are urging the state chairman to intervene in the crisis in Jada/Mbulo for the good of the party,” he stressed.


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