Some PDP presidential aspirants are morbidly afraid of Bala Mohammed – Jada

A member of governor Bala Mohammed’s presidential think tank, Umar Bello Jada aka Calculate has upbraided some People’s Democratic Party (PDP) presidential aspirants for casting what he termed spurious and puerile blackmail against governor Bala Mohammed due to a morbid fear for his rising and indisputable profile.

Jada who made the position in a phone chat with our reporter pointed that three of such presidential aspirants have been waging a subterranean war against the presidential hopeful by saying that he has withdrawn from the race urging the general public to disregard such as the rantings of fear stricken bunch.

He noted that amongst the presidential hopefuls currently jostling to replace president Muhammadu Buhari, none is as eminently qualified as Bala Mohammed going by his pedigree, track record of service, educational attainment, exposure and experience adding that Bala Mohammed is one of the most cosmopolitan Nigerian politicians alive.

“There are three PDP presidential hopefuls who are morbidly afraid of the clout and the intimidating posture of Bala Mohammed in the race. And they are doing it out of envy and due to their diminishing political value.

“Their obsession to roll back the gangling political stature of Bala Mohammed has made them to fabricate cheap lies thinking that such will save them from their inexorable political oblivion.

“Such diabolic mission will definitely not fly because Nigerians will never be deceived by failed politicians who have nothing to offer other than deciets and subterfuge.

“Amongst all those vying to replace president Muhammadu Buhari, none has traversed Nigeria and met with party delegates like Bala Mohammed. The question that must be asked is how can someone who withdraws from a race can make so much sacrifice?

“But Nigerians are not as gullible as those spreading the malicious lies thought they are because they can separate between genuine leaders and arm chair presidential aspirants with a sense of leadership entitlement.

“Because his zeal and commitment to lead a people’s oriented government, our candidate has gone to 35 states of Nigeria to meet with the party’s delegates.

“And from the enthusiastic reception he had and the patriotic fervor his aspiration has elicited, it is apparent that Nigerians this time around want to vote for a true leader who is healthy, vibrant, youthful, patriotic, dedicated and with ample knowledge of Nigeria’s political terrain and who could change the sordid narrative of the nation and bail us from the current predicaments as a nation,” he said.


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