Vrati Nzonzo thanks delegates for giving him APC reps ticket

The candidate of the All Progressives Congress (APC) for Numan, Demsa and Lamurde federal constituency, Vrati Nzonzo has expressed gratitude to his party, the delegates and the good people of the constituency for giving him the chance to represent the area in the green chambers.

In a statement made available to this medium, Saturday, Nzonzo promised to replicate the gesture through good representation if elected into the green chambers.

He noted that he will hit the ground running by immediately embarking on a rigorous campaign across every nook and cranny of the constituency to mobilize votes and defeat his rivals in the contest.

“It is with a deep sense of humility that I write to express our gratitude to God Almighty, our party the APC and the people of Lamurde, Numan and Demsa for the overwhelming support they gave leading to my victory at the just concluded House Of Reps Primary Election.

“I wish to thank our great party, the APC, its leadership at the National level and the State Chapter for providing a leveled playing field and a solid platform which enabled our success.

“Therefore in the light of the above, I, Hon. Vrati Nzonzo, will commence vigorous campaign across the federal constituency to canvass support ahead of the general election.

“In the meantime, I salute our great party the APC for flawless execution of all the processes leading to my nomination. And for delegates, I wish to assure you that posterity will be kind to you for the choice you have made.

“To our dear friends in the various campaign organizations of all the highly respected APC aspirants, I wish to acknowledged your hard work and commitment in promoting the Adamawa ideals. Your preferred aspirant may not have emerged, but I assure you that your voices have been heard loud and clear.

“As such I look forward to partnering with you and your teams in the coming days so that we can forge a formidable team that will eventually deliver our great party, the APC in coming 2023 general elections.

“To our amazing supporters cutting across all classes and age groups, our teeming youth volunteers and hundreds of thousands of well wishers at home and in the diaspora, your collective struggles have yielded the desired outcome.

“Your unflinching commitment to a Secured, United and Prosperous Lamurde, Numan and Demsa is finally on its last lap of the race. Keep your hopes high, because in our lifetime we shall all be witnesses to that Adamawa of our dreams.

“To spirited individuals and organizations who contributed financially and in different forms of material support because of their strong believe in this project, your assistances have been so important to us and I can’t thank you enough. And those who keep praying for me including people whom we have never met, we are deeply grateful.

“I wish to end this note of appreciation by assuring Lamurde, Numan and Demsa people that I, Hon. Vrati Nzonzo, I’m a visionary leader who can be trusted with the responsibility of representing our people. My vision of a Secure, United and Prosperous Lamurde, Numan and Demsa is achievable.

“Once again, thank you for your support so far, let’s do it again at the 2023 polls,” Nzonzo said.


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