Fanfare greats unveiling of motivational book ‘dream to reality’ in Yola

There was fanfare and razzmatazz at Finest Cinema Yola as a motivational book entitled, “Dream to Reality”, authored by Dr. Thom Idowu was unveiled.

Foremost investors, and entrepreneurs including Mr. Wisdom Kwati and Mr. Tosin Komolafe were some of the personalities that unveiled the book.

They urged Nigerian youth to invest their time in useful ventures and develop a can do spirit like the author of the book, who through thick and thin produced one of the finest motivational books in history.

Also speaking, the author of the book Dr. Thom Idowu urged the youth not to fritter away their valuable time but invest in productive ventures.

He noted that his book has been acknowledged to be one of the best motivational books by critics and analysts.

Idowu thanked his family for the unconditional support they rendered to him culminating into the overall success of the project.

Dream to Reality, tells a story of how Great Leaders Clarify and Align Their Lives to Achieve Unprecedented Success

According to the author, “If you have something special in you that you want to explore to the fullest, this book is written because of you. You’re already performing at your peak, but you want to be in total control of every aspect of your life; you are holding the right book;
– It guides you to your answers,
– Connects you to your genius
– Aligns you with your Life’s Mission,
– Transforms you inside-out
– It fills you with the feeling of “I am enough” and help you grow mastery to live a life worthy of you on your terms – and become better every day.”

About the author

Thom Idowu believes that every human is special and has a genius in them. He has unyieldingly committed himself to a cause – to connect people to their genius and help them grow mastery to live and work to their full potential.

Dr Thom is a Certified Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistics Programming (NLP). He is a Life and Business Strategist and a Corporate Leadership Innovator. He founded Nurturessence International, an organization where the team helps individuals and organizations live and work to their greatest potential. Dr Thom is the host of X-Fest, an annual summit that helps leaders build winning strategies in life, relationships and business.

Dr Thom Idowu is the author of “Can’t Stop Me,” and co-authored “Now You See.” He is a fun-loving husband and biological father to two lovely children Debby and Becky. He loves playing chess and hiking.

The unveiling of the book took place on the sidelines of X-fest Nigeria, Yola 2022 sponsored by nurturessence international.


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