23 brigade Yola kick starts activities to mark Army Day Celebration

~ As commandant says NA has zero tolerance for segregation

The 23 brigade Yola, has today kick started activities marking the Army Day Celebration (ADCEL) with Friday prayers.

In his Friday sermon, with the title, “Tolerance and national unity” the chief Imam of the 23 brigade, Major Almustapha Kado urged Nigerians to eschew bigotry, ethnic chauvinism and injustice noting that such scourges are the precursors of conflict and disharmony in the society.

Kado noted that Allah in his wisdom decided to make Nigeria a multi religious and multi ethnic entity adding that it will be futile for anyone to oppose such divine arrangement adding that as a panacea to that, Muslims and Christians should prepare their minds to live together.

He noted that in his drive to ensure enduring peace and unity, Prophet Muhammad (SAW) has signed a peace pact with Jews and followers of traditional religion adding that a good Muslim should always entrench moderation and inter religious harmony with followers of other religions.

“The nation is going through tumult because of intolerance, ethnic and religious bigotry. Even Islam gave room for everyone to practice his beliefs without discrimination,” he said.

Quoting from the holy Quran, Kado said Allah in his immutable words has outlawed tribalism adding in the Quran Allah said he created humans in tribes and creeds so that they can identify each other but the most closest to Allah is he who fears him the most.

He noted that there can never be peace and harmony when tribalism and divisions take the center stage even within the Islamic faith.

“The Muslims can’t eliminate the Christians and the Christians also can’t eliminate the Muslims. There should be moderation and dialogue amongst us so as to live peacefully. If you try to tilt the balance you are going to create anarchy and war,” he said.

In a chat with newsmen on the sidelines of the prayer session, the brigade commandant, Brigadier Gen. Aminu Mustapha Garba noted that Nigerian Army has zero tolerance for segregation.

“Obviously the Nigerian Army has zero tolerance for segregation be it tribal or religious. It is an army that carries everybody along and respects religious rights and beliefs as well as customs and traditions so we have no room whatsoever for any form of segregation as regards tribalism and religious intolerance,” he said.

He urged the general public to continue to support the military in its onerous task of combating the raging insecurity in the land saying that, “Nigeria is one united indivisible country going back to the history. We should continue to do whatever it takes to ensure we remained solid and unified and this can only happen if each and every tribe continue to exhibit tolerance to one another.”

He noted that one of the cardinal purpose of the Army Day Celebration is to showcase the technological drive, advancement as well as restructuring and changes in the operational strategy and improvements the military has attained over the years.


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