2023: Fintiri proscribes operations of NGOs for 3 weeks over alleged vote buying

~Warns trouble makers against derailing electoral process

Governor Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri of Adamawa State has today proscribed operations of Non-governmental Organizations (NGOs) in the state accusing them of hiding under the cloak of their mandates to perpetrate electoral heists.

The governor in a statewide broadcast on Tuesday noted that the government will not fold its arms and watch the hard earned democracy to be drailed adding that government will deal decisively with anyone found wanton.

“It has been discovered that most Non-Governmental Organizations have swallowed the bug and are dabbling into politics in the name of providing humanitarian assistance to the people.

“Government cannot fold its arms and watch such so-called NGO’s mislead the people and inject divisive tendencies into their psyche.

“In view of the foregoing and in furtherance of our desire to reorder the electoral behaviour of our people and remove the influence of the NGOs who have reduce the statutory mandate to that one of a vote buying machine, Government has decided to suspend the activities of local and international Non-Governmental organizations throughout the State until 15th of March, 2023, when the elections are done.

“This is done in good faith and in furtherance of our desire to deepen our democracy and protect the humanitarian mandate of the NGOs. Let us learn to put the interest of the country above any other primordial interest.

“There is no time to waste. We all know the threats that further hesitation will bring,” he said.

The governor thanked the citizens for their peaceful and orderly conduct during the just concluded presidential and national assembly elections urging them to maintain the tempo in the upcoming guvernorship election.

“The Presidential and National Assembly elections have come and gone but I must thank all our citizens for trooping out en-mass to exercise their civic responsibility.

“Your conduct during and after the elections have been peaceful, orderly, exemplary and commendable. This is the true reflection of Adamawa as the Home of peace and a bastion of democracy. I urge you to remain calm while we await the announcement of the final outcome of the exercise.

“While commending the central role of our security agencies in the maintenance of peace and order during the election, let me warn trouble makers or miscreants not to attempt to disrupt or cause a breakdown of law and order.

“Without hesitation, such misguided elements would be held accountable for their actions. We cannot allow a return to the gloomy era of disruption and chaos. The Peaceful coexistence the state enjoys did not come on a platter of gold. It is a hard-earned one. Any attempt to temper with it would therefore be decisively dealt with.

“I have ordered patrols and surveillance by the Security Personnel to keep everything in check.For the peace loving people of Adamawa State, you have nothing to worry about as government has put all the necessary security measures in place in keeping with our promise of safeguarding the lives and property of our people.

“No election is worth the life of any citizen of the State. I therefore urge our citizens to uphold peace and allow the process go on until the winner emerges,” he said.



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