Kabo Matafiya group conducts first seminar in Adamawa, harps on unity amongst members

A socio-cultural association in Kano under the aegis of Kabo Matafiya group has on Saturday conducted its first seminar in Adamawa State with a call on members to ensure renewed spiritedness, unity and cooperation.

The event which took place at Lelewal hotel, Yola, was attended by no fewer than 14 states chairmen of the association.

In his keynote address, national chairman of the group, Adamu Salisu said, the aim of the association is to ensure unity, progress and development of Kabo local government and by extension its indigenes across Nigeria.

He said since it was formed over a decade ago, the association has championed many noble causes in different spheres of human endeavor.

The chairman thanked indigenes of Kabo local government in Adamawa State especially Sarkin Fulanin Masanawa, Alhaji Yusuf Danumma for successfully hosting the national event in Adamawa State.

He said the association is a non partisan association and draws membership from all religious sects, and political affiliations noting that such posture is responsible for the strength and unity in the association.

Salisu urged the indigenes of Kabo resident in Adamawa State to remain law abiding noting that one thing that makes them unique is the fact that they are highly cosmopolitan and peace loving people.

While enumerating the feats and laudable developmental strides which the organization recorded over the years, the national public relations officer of the association (PRO), Magaji Sulaiman noted that the association has intervened in many spheres of people’s lives including health, education, infrastructure and provisions of general services that have impacted on the lives of all Kabo people.

He noted that individual members of the association as sons of Kabo local government usually shoulder funding of the association through contributions, donations and grants.

Sulaiman thanked Alhaji Yusuf Danumma the Sarkin Fulani Masanawa for his unrelenting contributions to the development of the group noting that the association is proud of his accomplishments in Adamawa State and beyond, tagging him as “worthy ambassador.”

He charged all members to be regular and up-doing towards contributions and pledges to the association as funding is crucial to the successes recorded in the past.

He said so far the association has carried out far reaching and impactful developmental strides including payment of scholarships to indigent students, upgrading of the Kabo hospital and equipping it with state of the art facilities, building and rehabilitation of both Islamic and western schools, rehabilitation of cemeteries, building of mosques and assisting the needy members of the society amongst many other interventions.

Sulaiman also noted that the group is working hand in hand with the National Human Rights Commission to ensure dispensation of justice especially in cases where the rights of women, children and less privileged members of Kabo local government are violated adding that the association is fully registered with Corporate Affairs Commission.

He thanked Sentor Barau Jibril, Alhaji Sule Garo and other kind hearted personalities who have remained faithful and sympathetic to the association over the years.

Also speaking, a elder of Kabo descent in Adamawa, Alaramma Mai Gwanjo thanked the association for the valiant roles it has been playing towards the unity and upliftment of Kabo people.

He noted that the coming of 14 state chairmen of the association into Adamawa is a pointer to its underlying unity, calling for all and sundry to upped the tempo.

Also in his remark, the Sarkin Fulanin Masanawa who is also the title holder of Danmasanin Jimeta, Yusuf Danumma, said every Hausa/Fulani man is a natural son of Jimeta and by extension Adamawa State.

He said the Fombina emirate which hitherto spans from Mambilla hills to Cameroon republic is receptive to all manner of people especially from the Hausa speaking states.

Danumma said such informed the incorporation of Lamdo Kano, Lamdo Katagum, Lamdo Katsina and Lamdo Hadejia as council members of the emirate.

He noted that the spiritedness of give and take and accomodation was rooted by Modibbo Adamawa the first ruler of the emirate and since then it has been carried along by the successors of the throne which is responsible for the everlasting peace the emirate.

He pledged his continued and unalloyed loyalty and support to Kabo local government noting that his family has maintained ties with Kabo many decades after his grandfather settled in Jimeta and vowed to contribute to lubricate the relationship.

Danumma called on the people of Kabo to invest more in the education of their children noting that in the 21st century one do not have the convenience of not acquiring both western and Islamic education.

He urged parents to especially tailor their children to read professional courses as white collar jobs are no more in vogue.

Also speaking, the representative of District head of Jimeta and Dan Isan Adamawa, Alhaji Muhammadu Inuwa Baba Paris at the occasion, Magajin Garin Jimeta prayed for the continued spiritedness and unity in Kabo Matafiya group.

He said he was positively touched by the unity, valour and spiritedness displayed by the organization pledging to replicate the feat in Jimeta.

He expressed optimism that the mutual cooperation and unity between Jimeta and Kabo people will be strengthened through inter marriages as he will be ready to catalyse the process urging Kabo people to seek for hands of their beautiful daughters in marriage.

Also speaking, the district head of Kabo who was represented by Jarman Karaye, Miko Shamaki thanked the people of Jimeta and Adamawa State for their hospitality.

He pledged to ensure the sustenance of relationship between the two communities for sustainable development.


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