Dr. Ibrahim Dauda Bello declares for Presidency, says Nigeria has no room for procrastination

One of Nigeria’s youngest presidential hopefuls, Dr. Ibrahim Dauda Bello has expressed his intent to contest the country’s plum office saying that Nigeria has no room for lethargy and procrastination.

Bello during a press conference today in Abuja said Nigeria will continue to depreciate and degenerate on the global progress chart if she keeps on procrastinating on automation and digitalisation of processes within the bureaucracy and services sector.

“The entire world has advanced into the digital epoch, we will therefore, be proactive in positioning Nigeria on the path of becoming a digital leader among the committee of Nations.

“As much as we do not mean to dispense with the services of experienced technocrats and politicians, my government will headhunt the best of the abundant talents and resources in the youth and women population in a collaborative mission to push the nation into its deserved place on the world development map,” he said.

Below is the full speech of Dr. Ibrahim Dauda Bello.


Honourable Members of the Press
Distinguished Ladies and Gentlemen:
Permit me to welcome you to this special event, and also to express my profound appreciation, that you have honoured us today with your esteemed presence.

As we all know, next year will mark another turning point in the history of our beloved country Nigeria. Our countrymen and countrywomen will in 2023 be filing to the polls to decide the crucial matter of the personalities that should lead this country and administer its affairs for another four years. It will be the seventh election cycle since the advent of this Fourth Republic in 1999.

The ideological and spiritual content of the incoming Executive President and cabinet, as well as the character of the Legislature, and the Judiciary, will dictate the rhythm and quality of life for Nigerians for another four years.
Since the advent of this New Year, the political space has turned into a beehive of announcements and postulations about contenders for the highest office in the land. While many have declared their intention to occupy the seat of the President of the greatest Black Nation on Earth, some are being goaded by well-wishers to throw their hats into the ring.
In the midst of all these, tons of people, impressed by my credentials, antecedents, achievements, energy, passion for welfare causes and patriotism to my country, have piled pressure on me to present myself for the post of President and Commander-in-Chief of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. Their calls may have been motivated by the fact that in my modest way, I have always intervened with my personal resources and mentorship to contribute my quota towards youth empowerment and development in my corner of the world. I am genuinely honoured by these calls to serve my country. In deference to these persistent calls, today, I humbly step forward and hereby accept the invitation extended to me by well-meaning Nigerians to contest the position of President of our beloved country under the All Progressives Congress (APC).

My entry into the race presents Nigerians a chance to relish the finest traits of democracy. Under me, Nigerians of all religions, ethnic groups and tongues will enjoy a government that will be truly of the people, a government that will be truly by the people, and a government that will truly be for the people, in delivering the dividends of democracy in line with our collective dreams and aspirations.


The major slice of my adult life has seen me operate as a private businessperson in several critical sectors of the economy – from education to oil and gas, from agriculture to infrastructure, from healthcare to security and more. These interactions have all combined together to shape and prepare me for the job. I know where the shoe pinches first-hand. From my humble beginning, I have built start-ups that today rate among the best service providers and employment generators for hundreds of people.
Most importantly, my armour of personal integrity remains intact, untainted, and unassailable. Not only have I been brought up in the fear of God, but I also fear God personally. I know that both in this life and in the hereafter, I shall be made accountable for my actions and inactions, my omissions, and my commissions, as well as my motivations and accomplishments. This spiritual side of me defines my depth of character and propels me to place my fellow human being first and to do justice to every man with whom my paths have crossed without swaying to tribe, religion, tongue, or class.

I come to serve. I come to wipe away tears. I come to be the humble steward of the hope, dignity, and good life that Nigerians have always hungered for. I come to raise the heads of Nigerians high among the comity of nations. I come to restore confidence, dignity, and honour to the Green Passport. I come determined to take the bold steps necessary to give Nigerians the quality of life about which they have always dreamt.

In Nigeria’s diversity lies her strength. I aim therefore to be the apostle of unity in diversity, whereby the various ethno-regional units shall emphasise the strength of their individuality while maintaining the unblemished fabrics of a nation united under God.


Nigeria will continue to depreciate and degenerate on the global progress chart if she keeps on procrastinating on automation and digitalisation of processes within the bureaucracy and services sector. The entire world has advanced into the digital epoch, we will therefore, be proactive in positioning Nigeria on the path of becoming a digital leader among the committee of Nations. As much as we do not mean to dispense with the services of experienced technocrats and politicians, my government will headhunt the best of the abundant talents and resources in the youth and women population in a collaborative mission to push the nation into its deserved place on the world development map.

At the head of this team will be a man prepared by God for this historic moment. God has abundantly endowed me to be the personification of the digital generation. I am a Fellow of the Institute of Information Management Africa, Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Loans and Risk Management Nigeria, Fellow Chartered Institute of Management Accountants, with other certifications in Intelligence, Criminology and Security Studies, Cybercrime Investigations, Environmental Health and Safety, Forensic Graphology and Project Management. I am also Certified in Enterprise Risk Governance, Sustainability Governance, and member of the World Institute for Nuclear Security. Under me, Nigeria will be administered by a leadership synergy blended from the finest qualities and merits of the old and new generations, with a greater emphasis on women and youth.


Fortunately, and unfortunately, I happen to be a Kanuri from Borno State born in Jos where I spent my childhood. Jos and Borno State are today hotbeds of insecurity. Anyone will testify that the Jos we know today is not the Jos of the 1980s. How did the City of Tin become a dangerous place to reside? Why should Borno State be the theatre of terrorism? Why should citizens of Zamfara not sleep with both eyes closed out of fear for their lives? Why should Nigerians live in constant terror on the roads, farms, and homes? Why does the South-East vibrate with gunshots in broad daylight from unknown gunmen and bandits? Why should ritual killers and kidnappers become common features on our highways and forests.

Without security, progress will become elusive. Under my watch, insecurity will be robustly confronted. We shall begin by addressing the welfare of our security personnel who fight in the frontline against crime. No longer shall any of these courageous heroes be sacrificed unnecessarily in their line of duty. The government shall invest on their welfare and their equipment and provide them with all the necessary tools to rid our land of brigands. Our scorched earth defence policy shall move the fight against insecurity from defensive to pre-emptive and preventive, to smoke out these evil insurgents and criminals. We will focus our attention on securing our borders. We will also deploy sophisticated technologies within our defence architecture.

The country will be collaborating with international bodies like NATO, AU, and ECOWAS to invoke and enforce the necessary international protocols that will prevent not just small and light arms but mercenaries and illegal migrants from violating our international borders.
We shall pursue legislation, to establish a trust fund, aimed at providing insurance and other added values for journalists and media practitioners. This we will give them the added capacity to participate more on the coverage of local, continental, and global events and activities, which they currently have challenges in covering due to funding and insurance cover challenges.


All micro and macro-economic policies shall be carefully reviewed, and effectively implemented . Our commitment to efficiently run government with befitting infrastructures, policies, and incentives will attract foreign direct investment and also turn this lavishly endowed country into a world favourite tourism destination hub. We hope to attract about billions of foreign direct investments into the non-oil sector of the Nigerian economy. We will invest in youth and women development especially in entrepreneurship schemes. We will encourage further and promote the development and patronising of intellectual and creative talents and ideas amongst out people. We will support our youth and women in harnessing their best potentials.
The worldwide digital economy is estimated at over $12 trillion which makes up about 15 percent of the global GDP currently. Anyone can imagine what this country can do with even a slender percentage of such a vast asset. For starters, and to launch our people into the frontline of the global digital revolution, all local regulations preventing Nigerians especially youth and women, from participating as key players and beneficiaries in the digital space, shall be addressed. Nigerians, youth, and women in particular will be encouraged by training, mentoring, treaties and the enabling legal framework to key into the abundant opportunities in that space and acquire legitimate revenue just as their counterparts currently do in other countries.

We shall deploy innovative science and technology towards improving the nation’s developmental pace. A robust investment in Research and Development will be made every year. We shall pursue legislations, that will mandate institutions and the private sector, to utilise and deploy locally researched solutions and products, as against the incessant importation of sometimes inferior competitions from abroad.

We stand for robust diversification of the economy. Nigerian resources are being unnecessary depleted to importing finished products from foreign countries, culminating in the artificial devaluation of the Nigerian Naira.

The country under us shall have capacity to produce its own refined petroleum products. The production and effective distribution of affordable industrial and domestic gas will become a priority.
Local industries and Nigeria’s industrial base shall be strengthened. Power plays a fundamental role in the factors of production. Electricity shall be made available and affordable, while alternative energy sources will be vigorously pursued. DISCOs will have to shape up or ship out, while the generating and transmission arm of the value chain shall be strengthened. At least 95 percent prepaid metering will be achieved in order to balance out the supply-consumption end of the electricity billing system.

We will provide huge incentive that will encourage Nigerians to participate more in Agriculture. Also, the government will revamp the quarantine services department of the Ministry of Agriculture. This department is imperative for Export of Agric produce and products, without which Nigerians will continue to find it difficult to export agricultural products. Also, the government will look into reviving the Gamma Irradiation Plant, which when fully functional will boost the IGR of the government and increase the export capacity of our agricultural sector.
In synchrony with the states, the Federal Government shall abolish all structures that encourage double taxation, a factor that has constituted a huge disincentive to industries and industrial growth.


As part of our dedication to human capital development, we will work out a policy framework of Free Education covering between Primary to Senior Secondary School levels in all public schools, as well as encourage entrepreneurial and skills acquisition modules side by side with the normal curricular activities in schools. Insecurity, insurgency, and poverty have given our country the negative outlook of hosting one of the largest out-of-school children populations in the world. All these negative triggers must be tackled urgently in order to guarantee the future of our children and create equal education opportunities for all Nigerian children. Teacher training and welfare will be a priority. Education funding in the budget will be reviewed upward.


APC’s subsisting manifesto commits to national restructuring. To quell agitations for the dismemberment of Nigeria, groups forming this country must negotiate the terms for them to remain together going forward. We shall therefore heed the incessant calls to erect structures for a national dialogue that will culminate in true Federalism.
We will give emphasis on women and youth inclusiveness in government and encourage the States, Local Governments, and private sector to do same.


We shall provide leadership devoid of negative emotions, sentiment, and selfish interest. We shall uphold and strictly enforce the rule of law. Nothing shall be spared in order to give to our compatriots the quality of life they deserve. Nigeria will not continue to work for the few privileged ones on the Pareto scale. Under our watch, the greatest welfare will be guaranteed for the greatest majority of our men, women, youth, and children.

Nigerians, I share your travails as well as your aspirations. I believe that God has prepared us for this moment. I have come to articulate and actualise that change that you earnestly yearn for.
I make no pretences, that the task before us will be easy. I will not deceive anyone that the road ahead will not demand sacrifices. What I assure Nigerians, is that a President Ibrahim Bello Dauda, will lead from the front. We are in this together. The labour of patriotic Nigerians shall not be in vain, neither will their sacrifices be prolonged. Soon, and very soon, this dark night of despondency will give way to the sunshine of a glorious, peaceful, progressive, and fulfilling Nigeria. So, help us God.


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