Building Flyovers In A State With 70% Poverty Record: Between Jalo And Governor’s Android Media Handlers

* To Mortgage One’s integrity Over Miserable Android; Playing Media Group, Defending Underdevelopment Retrogression Is Uncritical, Disgusting

A Deconstruction

Jalo Abba II is considered to be among the young social commentators in Adamawa state, who are tough on government, considered as inept, lacking the required lens through which meaningful progress and development can be visualised. He has challenged the governor Fintiri’s social media handlers of being bludgeoned by the Android phones given to them to defend and promote the programmes of the governor, where he said, the uncritical minded with defective memory, still see ordinary android phones thrown to them like grain to the chickens, as worthy enough to mortgage their lives, their integrity and their heritage.

Jalo challenged the government of being myopic in thinking, jumping the necessary present to the future for which only the present could get to define; One must first learn how to walk before trying to run.

According to Jalo, there was hardly ever a heavy traffic at the old police roundabout but the Governor bulldozed it and wasted billions of naira in loans to build a flyover bridge because he envisaged a future where heavy traffic congestion would be catastrophic to residents. How ironic, the same Governor who saw the future could not see the present.

Take Specialist hospital for instance, where you can still find patients sleeping on bare floors for lack of beds with neither impressive human nor facility capacity development. A tenth of the money expended on that frivolous flyover project can provide one thousand beds for the sick and even build two blocks for relatives.

But for the federal government intervention as facilitated by the First Lady Aisha Muhammadu Buhari, infectious desease den would in descriptive name, have beffitted the state specialist hospital, Yola.

In response, one of the governor’s Android media handlers accused Jalo of writing rather illogical, punching the points Jalo put as being incoherent, hence incomprehensible.

The Android media handler argued that flyovers aren’t the only projects the governor embarked upon. He listed others to include rehabilitation of the specialist and general hospitals, building of new cottage hospitals, roads constructions and rehabilitations, free healthcare and education including free WAEC

The Android media handler would seem to be malnourished in the sense of the point raised that he said he hardly comprehended, which appears to be so, on sourcing for obnoxious loan to build flyovers in a state with the record of above 70% poverty.

Is there any need wasting public funds to fund WAEC and NECO for the poorly trained, knowledge constrained, unprepared students in the state’s public schools, when the government ought to have considered rehabilitating the old ones, building additional classroom blocks and establishing new schools, in addition to having them fully equipped with necessary libraries and laboratory facilities in addition to recruiting more qualified teachers?

Is there any need for the aesthetic the flyovers could seem to present than having water to every home from the River Benue, bearing in mind that truck of 12 jerricans cost N450 in some wards across the state?

On Heathcare, is there any need building more cottage hospitals than equipping the old ones with sufficient facilities and efficient manpower?

Jalo simply pointed out that there is more to addressing the present challenges as the future will conviniently take care of itself: Plunging the state into debris of debt the worst the state ever recorded in the name of building flyover to address, God knows how long the future challenges is rather myopic the thinking.

“But the Governor sees future traffic congestion as a bigger threat to the well-being of citizens than poor healthcare, building more schools to decongestant the overstretched ones and pipe borne water. Yet, you still choose to not see the writing on the wall. You stupidly continue to praise him because of the cheap android phone he bought you – A phone his maid at home could afford without breaking a sweat.

“Those of us with full control of our neocortex would prove to the world that you’re a group of feebleminded puppets pretending to be a media block

“In case you don’t know, slavery was abolished in 1865. But it still exists in the minds of people. Many of whom still see android phones as a good enough reason to undermine their heritage.

“Notwithstanding, your family should not dwell in sadness because of your claptrap. Those of us with full control of our neocortex would prove to the world that you’re a group of feebleminded puppets pretending to be a media block,” Jalo would say.


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