In the next few days SDP will take over Adamawa from PDP, others – Ardo

~ Accuses PDP of destroying Nigeria

The new chieftain of the Social Democratic Party (SDP) in Adamawa State, Dr. Umar Ardo has disclosed that in the next few days, his party will take over Adamawa State from the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) and other political parties in the state.

Ardo who defected into the SDP yesterday in Yelli ward of Jada local government of Adamawa State described PDP and APC as Siamese twins saying that he refused to defect to the opposition All Progressives Congress (APC) because of its penchant for lawlessness and disregard for the rule of law just like the PDP.

At a press conference on Monday in Yola, Ardo who was flanked by the national executives of SDP said his entry into the party will herald a new dawn as he called on the electorates to move in their droves to the rescue train.

Ardo who described the PDP as irrevocably preening, narcissistic, self serving, pathologically anti democratic noted that he jettisoned the party because it has shown propensity never to recant its evil ways that led to its untimely death.

“My departure from PDP to SDP is painful but necessary action. It is painful because I was a founding supporter of the PDP in 1998 and committed myself to ensuring that the party gained acceptance of the majority of our people.

“It has a progressive, robust and flexible constitution ideal to the growth of a developing society like ours in Adamawa State and Nigeria. Its manifesto is in tandem with the needs of our communities, with durable rules, regulations and guidelines that if strictly followed would no doubt build us into a developed, strong and united people. These appealed to me as progressive, and so had strong appeal to my personal principles.

“But alas, to my greatest consternation, extremely very few individuals and groups who founded the party were not willing to play the game according to rules.

“Unfortunately these few hijacked the levers of the party, made themselves party oligarchs and turned the PDP itself as a lawless institution. From day one, I opposed this anomaly knowing that it will not only destroy the party, destroy whatever governments that it forms and ultimately destroy our country.

“And this is the sad result today, party politics is destroyed, our communities are destroyed and our country is destroyed. Nothing is reason for this other than the sheer dishonesty, I justice and lawlessness in the operations of our party politics,” he said.


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