2023: Arewa Youths conclude plans to purchase presidential form for Emefiele

For his excellent stewardship as the governor of Nigeria’s apex bank, a coalition of northern youths under the aegis of Arewa youths for Emefiele have concluded plans to purchase presidential nomination form for Godwin Emefiele, the incumbent governor of Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN).

The group said it’s action stems from the fact that Emefiele has what it takes to lead Nigeria to the promised land considering his massive strides as the CBN governor.

The convener of the Youth movement, Comrade Dauda Kushu in a press conference in Yola, said, they deemed it fit to purchase the form for Emefiele because of his sterling performance, professionalism, good economic management, and his robust contributions towards curtailing insecurity, fighting corruption, and promoting innovation in the country.

He said Emefiele’s potentials positioned him a vision-driven and target-focused leader who would help Nigerian youths unleash their creative talents, innovative energies, and resourcefulness, all of which will make them extraordinary citizens and sterling ambassadors as present and future leaders.

The leader of the group extolled Emefiele as the first CBN Governor to harness Nigeria’s non-oil exports potentials, boosted domestic output and increased agricultural productivity, and enabled young Nigerians to play active roles in the agro-business value chain as a result of CBN’s multi-sectoral interventions under his leadership.

Kushu said that an unprecedented degree of financing leading to the revolution of the agricultural sector was witnessed under his reign as CBN Governor leading to the creation of over 12 million employment opportunities in agriculture sector through the Anchor Borrowers’ Programme (ABP) noting that the figure is growing exponentially.

“Emefiele’s successes in implementing the National Youth Investment Fund (NYIF), which saw the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) distribute N3 billion to 7,057 beneficiaries, including 4,411 individuals and 2,646 small and medium-sized enterprises.

“Emefiele’s bravery in refusing to sponsor the importation of over 40 commodities, was a difficult decision for which he was blackmailed. Nigeria would have been squandering limited foreign exchange by importing rice, wheat, and other farm products, all of which Nigeria has the resources and manpower to produce in commercial quantities.

“Nigeria was able to reduce its rice import bill from $1.05 billion per year before November 2015 to $18.50 million per year thanks to the ABP. Improving Nigeria’s status from a consumerist economy to a more self-reliant, and food self-sufficient nation. Nigeria needs leadership to help our nation get out of its contemporary predicament.

“At a time when other oil-producing economies, such as Russia, Angola, Brunei, and Kuwait, were mired in recession for lengthier periods, Emefiele’s expertise in prudent economic management in times of adversity enabled Nigeria to leave recession twice, faster than projected.

“His outstanding achievement in containing the Covid-19 pandemic by advocating the formation of the Coalition Against COVID-19 (CACOVID), Nigeria received a resounding commendation from the IMF in its latest Article IV Consultation released recently for a private-sector-led effort that gathered cash to further the fight against the pandemic’s spread.

“Emefiele, as a tech-savvy leader, is the ideal candidate to combat the horrors of terrorism, banditry, kidnapping, and other types of insecurity manifestations.”

“Under his leadership, the CBN implemented several initiatives aimed at boosting the economy, creating jobs, and raising people out of poverty.

“With his rise from the private sector to a government institution, erstwhile serving as the CEO of Zenith Bank, from which he was named the Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria, he was able to raise the standard of business operation at the CBN while maintaining a people-centric approach characteristic of governance.

“Nigeria requires a leader like Emefiele, who was born in the country’s south, understands the country’s north and has a profound knowledge of ethnicities, economies and businesses to sustain the country in one united entity.

“Emefiele’s audacity in apprehending forex scammers and import fraudsters, as well as the way he has run the CBN to reflect the country’s diversity, has shown the kind of courage required to combat corruption in a multiethnic society.

“When the majority of our earnings are spent on service loans and other commitments, there is no better time to enlist the help of a technocrat. At a time like this, we need someone who can inspire confidence in both domestic and international investors.

“Not a novice who will learn on the job, but a young man with extensive knowledge of the world economy. We cannot expect the rest of the world to wait for us to catch up. It’s in our best interests to deploy a man who can accelerate our growth by a factor of ten.

“He has exhibited all of the qualities that make a strong leader. He is a reliable and devoted supporter of President Muhammadu Buhari.

“He has demonstrated the ability to turn our country’s fortunes around, building on the foundation created by the current administration. Nigeria requires a younger leader with Emefiele’s presence of mind, extensive ties across the country, and appreciation for the country’s multi-ethnic and multi-religious elements. His intellect, managerial skills, patience, and tolerance are exactly what our country requires at this critical juncture in its history.” Kushu said.


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