Amidst economic crisis, Sen. Girei suggests how Nigeria could generate over N500trn

Sen. Abubakar Halilu Girei.
Sen. Abubakar Halilu Girei.
Amidst economic crisis, Sen. Girei suggests how Nigeria could generate over N500trn

• Commends Tinubu for listening to the outcries of Nigerians

Senator Abubakar Halilu Girei has marshalled out strategies which the federal government can use to generate huge resources to be able to address the economic and security challenges rocking the nation.

Girei during a press conference in Yola on Wednesday said Nigeria can generate over N500 trillion which is enough to cater for the yearnings and aspirations of all Nigerians and to combat the socio-economic challenges besetting the nation.


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He advised President Bola Ahmed Tinubu to as a matter of serious national emergency constitute an independent judicial panel of enquiry to unravel the massive economic and financial crimes carried out in the last 12 years and to recover stolen monies which he said will be enough to resolve all our developmental needs and address food shortages and other critical national challenges.

“I’m calling on Mr. President to set up an independent panel of enquiry to carry out forensic investigation into the massive theft of our resources in the last 12 years. It will enable us to recover humongous amount of money looted. I have no doubt we will be able to recover more than N500 trillion that have been stolen from Nigeria.

“These monies will be more than enough to revamp our economy. I have no doubt Tinubu has the capacity and political will to do that if only Nigerians continue to advise him appropriately.

Girei who represented Adamawa central senatorial zone between 1999 – 2003 in a ten point recommendation made case for the banning of Bureau de change markets and establishment of state police.

“I want to use this singular opportunity to appeal to President Bola Ahmed Tinubu to as a matter of critical urgency establish an Independent Judicial Commission of Enquiry with the mandate to carryout forensic investigation and recover all the funds that have been looted in the last 12 years especially as it concerns; mismanagement of petroleum subsidy; mismanagement and looting of forex by officials of CBN, commercial banks and other financial institutions; carry out forensic investigation on fraud associated with tax, VAT and other revenues accruing to the federation , including tax waivers over the period of 12 years.

“Those who rode our nation roughshod in the last 12 years, and looted our treasury with impunity should be brought to justice to answer for the atrocities they meted to our people and their loots confiscated. A special purpose entity should be empaneled by the presidency to investigate, recover and punish the ones found guilty,” he said.

On the security turf, Girei advised the president to come up with a supplementary budget of two trillion naira to address Nigeria’s social insecurity including putting up robust structures for the take off of state policing.

“The sum of two trillion naira to be approved by the national assembly as an additional supplementary budget to tackle insecurity challenges nationwide including the establishment of the state police when passed into law should be pursued,” he said.

Girei also appealed to the president to come up with another one trillion supplementary budget for immediate approval for bank of agriculture to fund credit delivery to all value chains in the agricultural and Livestock sectors in order to address the issue of hunger and create job opportunities for millions of Nigerians.

” I call on the president to present a supplementary budget of one trillion naira to the NASS for immediate approval for Bank of Agriculture to fund credit delivery to all the value chains in the Agricultural and Livestock sector,” he said.

The politician who vouched for the commitment of president Bola Ahmed Tinubu to find a lasting solution to Nigeria’s challenges urged well meaning Nigerians to come up with cogent suggestions on the way forward.

” I believe very strongly that there is a great difference between Bola Ahmed Tinubu and other leaders because he is a thoroughbred politician who has demonstrated that he is listening to the yearnings and aspirations of Nigerians making him to be passionate about the cries of Nigerians by convening stakeholders meeting with governors, security operatives and other critical stakeholders including cement manufacturers so that he will be able to bring down the prices of goods and services in order to make life easier for the common man.

“This is not a time for blame games. This is a time for each and every Nigerian to contribute to help president Bola Ahmed Tinubu take the right actions that will bail us out. That is why I came out to make about 10 recommendations here.

“This is a new government as far as I’m concerned. The president should be advised on how to go about leading the nation in a just manner and that is what I’m doing now. I’m urging other Nigerians who are concerned, who are patriotic who are interested in the well being of this country to assist our leaders to do something good.

“During the eight years of president Buhari we had almost on everyday basis hoped, wished and prayed that things will improve tomorrow but they never did. We cannot continue to do that now we must help our leaders with advise to salvage the situation,” he added.


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